PlayBox HD App Download for Phone

The internet has brought up incredible features that are hard to beat. Now that we’ve gotten used to certain things, it’s distressing when we lose them.

We love movies, and more so, free movies. It’s no surprise then that we love websites and apps that provide us with access to movies even on PC, old and new, on-demand, and at no (or little) cost whatsoever. Once you finally find the perfect app the world takes on a rosy glow, nothing can keep you down! So, I imagine that many of you felt as I did when Popcorn Time disappeared, and PlayBox HD seemed to crash.

Android and iTunes App stores have an incredibly stringent policy. The policy is designed to wheedle out any apps that may be construed as copyright infringement. So, from time to time you may see it pop onto the app store before it gets shut down. While PlayBox is above board, technically, it isn’t the type of app that flies for long on official app stores.

Don’t worry, though, because you can get it straight from the source, and it’s easy. Once upon a time, you had to change your date settings on your iOS device before heading to the website on safari to download it. You don’t need to worry about any of that now.

Now, simply head straight to the website of Playbox and choose your download (for jailbroken or un-jailbroken devices) and hit install. You’ll be met with an Untrusted Developer notice, simply select trust and move on. You may need to go into the general profile settings to trust the developer and run the app. If at first, you don’t succeed, don’t panic- it may take more than one attempt.

There is another method, simply head to their web and opt for the second method.

A simple click of the button and a username and password to enter, and you’ll be up and running.

Once you launch the app you’ll see a variety of movies and television programming to choose from. Simply select a title and you’ll see the details and descriptions of the product. You’ll also be met with an option to buy; however, you can enable a secret function turning those buy buttons in download or streaming buttons instead.

Simply go into the settings section of the app and select Contact Us. This will bring up a new window which allows you to message the developer to activate the app. The message will be auto populated with device codes, do not delete them, as the developer will need these to activate your app. Once you’ve sent the mail your app should be activated within 24 hours, though, it may take longer.

When your app is activated you’ll see a pop-up confirming you’ve joined PlayBox. This means the app is now ready for streaming and downloading your heart’s content.

It doesn’t matter how hard app stores try to keep these apps from their stores, there will always be a way to access them.