How to Take Backup of Apps using Lucky Patcher

Considering the modern day scenario, it becomes very important to be able to have access to all the applications that you use all the time. For the same scenario, getting the backup of your applications, the achievements you have made in your game, and all becomes very necessary. Google Play Store itself does create a backup for all the applications that you have used, but in order to use them, it is imperative that you will have to download the applications again from Google Play Store, thus leading to more data being used. Well, there is a good solution to the trouble.

Lucky Patcher is an application that can be used to create custom patches for the application that you want to store all the data in it right with you. The lucky patcher application is a simple application that allows you to create custom and modified apk files of your favorite application. This modified and cloned apk that you have will store all the data that you have generated while using the application, thus removing the threat of losing the data as well. Lucky Patcher is an app that does not mean just this. In fact, the application can be used to remove advertisements, enable free in-app purchases, etc. And all of this got into the modified and cloned apk of your favorite application as well. Let us take a look at the steps that you need to follow to take backup of apps using lucky patcher.

How to Take Backup of Apps using Lucky Patcher

Step 1: The first step that involves the process is downloading and installing the lucky patcher application.

Step 2: Once the installation is done, open the application. A list of application will be listed in front of you.

Step 3: Now select the application that you want to clone and click on it.

Step 4: You will now be able to see an option of ‘clone the application.’

Step 5: Select the option and wait patiently for the application to be cloned. Once done, you will be able to see a proper message.

[Note: It is advisable that you make all the changes to your application, like removing advertisements using Lucky Patcher, removing license verification, etc. before you clone your application. This will just save some pretty important time of yours.]

Data is very critical to individuals, and I can imagine the risk our data has. The cloning feature of the Lucky Patcher will certainly prove useful to you in case you are planning to buy a new Smartphone. You can also clone the application and store them on your personal hard drive, such that you can get your data and applications back in case your phone gets damaged and you have to refurbish it. There are a lot of advantages that comes with the Lucky Patcher application, and there is no doubt about its usefulness. The fact that it runs on normal nonrooted devices as well makes it one step ahead of all the other application in the market.

Popcorn Time App for Free Movie Streaming Online

Are you in love with movies but do not get enough time out of your hectic schedule to watch one? Well, you need not worry! Popcorn Time is here with a bang to solve all your problems and preserve your interest in films and videos. The best part of this application is that It provides you with a lot of options from which you could choose the best!

Popcorn Time App 2016
Popcorn Time App 2016

With Popcorn Time in your phones, You can enjoy free movies anytime from anywhere you want. This application is available all over the world and is enjoyed by a lot of people! There are a lot of advantages of this application that hardly any other application supports.

Why Popcorn Time?

If you ask me why I would choose this app, there are truckloads of reasons I can provide you with! Apart from the fact that you can use this application from anywhere in the world, This application is absolutely hassled free! You can very easily use the app, and no much effort is needed in understanding it! There are a varied number of options that are provided in this application. The options cover almost all the genres! You can choose your favorite from amongst them. The users also claim this app to be super fast! You have the liberty to choose the quality of the video which enhances the experience!  The reason why I like this app is that it allows watching a video in full screen. There are a lot of attributes as to why this app is called the best among the lot! To me, It is undoubtedly the best and rightly so!

How to download this app on your phone!

If at all you want to install the application on your phone, you don’t have to work too hard! Just take a visit to the Google Play Store and type the name of the app in the search toolbar! The app store will lessen your effort and help you in finding the application. Once you get the application, click on it! The option ‘install’ will pop in front of you. Do not wait too long and hesitate if at all you should do it! Just click on the ‘Install’ button and you will have the application in your phone! Once it is installed, you can use it and enjoy your movies! If you want to download the application in your Pc, You will have to get hold of an Android emulator such as the BlueStacks. Once BlueStacks is installed, search for the Google Play Store and after you have it, look for the Popcorn time app. You know the next step! Just click on ‘Install’!

If at all you should have it! 

If you are worried about the advantages of the application, then I would like to clear your doubt a little. This application actually provides you with a lot of features that you will hardly find in any other application. There are a lot of genres available, and you can even get hold of the latest films and trailers. You know how important the quality of a video is if you are a movie addict. You cannot just watch the movie in any available quality; This application provides you with the liberty of choosing from the quality of the videos. This is the best reason why you should use this app for watching videos or movies or anything as such! There are certain negative remarks about this application that has come to notice, and we cannot entirely ignore that! There are a large number of complaints about the viewers facing problem while downloading the movies. There are no enough options to choose from and the application force shuts itself a little while after the application is started! The application fails to keep up to its name! If you can ignore the drawbacks you can give this application a try ! to me, everybody deserves a chance! Also, one should always use a particular application before forming any kind of opinion.

You can try out cartoon HD which is an alternative to popcorn timer her.

Top 5 Speed Boosters for Android devices

Android phones have taken over the world of smartphones. Only a small percentage of smartphones are different; namely, the iOS device and the Windows device are those which seek to be different although not too great an extent. Now, to keep your phone functioning properly and more importantly, smoothly it has to have regular monitoring and tune-ups so that junk files and cache are cleared, background processes are killed and unnecessary apps deleted. An inability to undertake this operation may result in the phone slowing down and crashing. Do not worry though as there are apps that will help you resolve these problems but there are millions of them which may confuse you as to which one is the most appropriate one for you and your Android device.

Top 5 Speed Boosters for Android:

  1. Clean Master– It is the king of all the cleaning apps available right now on the Google Play Store. It is an all-in-one app that consists of cleaning tools, maintenance tools as well as optimizers. Like all cleaning apps, it kills background processes, clears cache, removes junk and optimizes performance. It also delivers notifications on your phone if device memory is low or the RAM needs a boost. It has a blue and white interface which is pleasant to look at and appears with a broom icon at the top left corner of the screen. It also has a broom animation for boosting RAM which zooms from the bottom towards the top of the phone screen. It takes up about 15-20 MB depending on the device.
  2. Advanced Task Manager- This app comes second on the list and is as good as the Clean Master. It performs all the functions that a cleaner is supposed to do. It kills useless processes, clears cache and junk and optimizes. It has some special features like force stop option which forces an app to close and the startup kill which prevents software from launching automatically after the phone switches on. It also has a feature which kills all processes as soon as the screen goes dark. It has a black background. It takes up about 4 MB space varying for different devices.
  3. Cleaning Master– This app is new on the block and is already creating waves mainly due to the paltry 2 MB it consumes but the same amount of work it accomplishes like all the others. It features a green background. It comes with a Network Booster along with the usual services. Another USP of this app is that it is compatible with all devices with Android version 2.3 or above.
  4. Booster for Android- This app is also known as the Android Booster app and has been developed by renown tech giant NQ Mobile Security. It is very easy on the memory but not as easy as Cleaning Master. It takes about 4 MB space. It is, however, similar to Cleaning Master as it supports devices having Android version 2.3 or above. It also has a very useful antivirus and the UI is very simple and efficient.
  5. App Cache Cleaner- This app is the last on the list but in no way is it inferior to the others. Needless to say, this Android companion will help keep your phone up and running smoothly. It has one feature that is very useful. On tapping and holding any app icon a pop-up list appears through which you can share the app with your friends, see it on the Google Play Store directly, uninstall applications with cached files and show application details page. It now has lesser ads and features an introduction screen for new users. it takes up 3 MB space and requires Android 4.0 or above.

Download Kik for Mac PC Free – A Complete Guide

A very common issue for users is how to install an app like the Kik Messenger on to their newly purchased Mac PC or Macbook laptops. You might be at a cross road when you want to sync your Kik account from your iPhone to your Mac PC and this is a similar guide as whatsapp messenger download.

Kik Messenger on the Mac

The Kik messenger on your Macbook comes with the same features as on any android device or your iPhone. You will be able to send individual and group messages, stickers, emoticons and much more. An added advantage is that you shall now be able to view everything at the full resolution of your PC screen. You shall be spared the limitations of the small screen of your smart phone or tablet.

Installing Kik Messenger on your MAC using Bootcamp

The most common method to get Kik messenger on your PC is to use Bootcamp. For this purpose you will require a working copy of Windows OS. You can use a copy which is of no use to you now or you can simply go with a copy from a previous Windows device. This is necessary since majority of the Android emulators are compatible only with Windows.

Kik for Mac PC Download Instructions 

  1. Bootcamp comes installed with most Mac PCs. It will split and create a section for you to keep your copy of Windows in the system
  2. Next, open Bootcamp on your PC and use the directions given there to install Windows.
  3. After installation is done (which might take a while), open Bootcamp and follow the instructions to run Windows on your system.
  4. With your Windows still running, go to Andyroid, from where you need to download the Android emulator.
  5. Now that you have Android on your Windows OS, you can simply go and download the Kik Messenger app
  6. To install and sync your accounts, simply follow the step by step instructions given in Google Play.
  7. After this is done, go to the search option and search for Kik on Andyroid
  8. Press the download icon when it shows up alongside the Kik Messenger
  9. Install it, sign in, and there you go! You can start using the Kik messenger on your Mac

A Video Tutorial to Explain – How to Install KIK for PC

While undergoing this multiple app process, you need to keep in mind that all other apps on your Mac should be closed. This is because the entire procedure takes up a lot of memory. By closing down extra apps, you free up a lot of resources on your Mac and ensure that your download process is smooth and fast.