Download Kik for Mac PC Free – A Complete Guide

A very common issue for users is how to install an app like the Kik Messenger on to their newly purchased Mac PC or Macbook laptops. You might be at a cross road when you want to sync your Kik account from your iPhone to your Mac PC and this is a similar guide as whatsapp messenger download.

Kik Messenger on the Mac

The Kik messenger on your Macbook comes with the same features as on any android device or your iPhone. You will be able to send individual and group messages, stickers, emoticons and much more. An added advantage is that you shall now be able to view everything at the full resolution of your PC screen. You shall be spared the limitations of the small screen of your smart phone or tablet.

Installing Kik Messenger on your MAC using Bootcamp

The most common method to get Kik messenger on your PC is to use Bootcamp. For this purpose you will require a working copy of Windows OS. You can use a copy which is of no use to you now or you can simply go with a copy from a previous Windows device. This is necessary since majority of the Android emulators are compatible only with Windows.

Kik for Mac PC Download Instructions 

  1. Bootcamp comes installed with most Mac PCs. It will split and create a section for you to keep your copy of Windows in the system
  2. Next, open Bootcamp on your PC and use the directions given there to install Windows.
  3. After installation is done (which might take a while), open Bootcamp and follow the instructions to run Windows on your system.
  4. With your Windows still running, go to Andyroid, from where you need to download the Android emulator.
  5. Now that you have Android on your Windows OS, you can simply go and download the Kik Messenger app
  6. To install and sync your accounts, simply follow the step by step instructions given in Google Play.
  7. After this is done, go to the search option and search for Kik on Andyroid
  8. Press the download icon when it shows up alongside the Kik Messenger
  9. Install it, sign in, and there you go! You can start using the Kik messenger on your Mac

A Video Tutorial to Explain – How to Install KIK for PC

While undergoing this multiple app process, you need to keep in mind that all other apps on your Mac should be closed. This is because the entire procedure takes up a lot of memory. By closing down extra apps, you free up a lot of resources on your Mac and ensure that your download process is smooth and fast.

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