11th Annual UMS: Day 3

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During this year’s UMS, we fell into a festival rhythm: see a friend the first time, stop and talk to them. See a friend a second time, say hey and tell them where you’re going while you breeze by. See them a third time, wave. See them a fourth time, completely ignore them like you have never seen them before. It’s just that everyone in Denver knows each other, and if we didn’t ignore each other from time to time then we’d never see any music. We are showing our love for those friends by IGNORING THEM – because we want them to see good music.

So we had a good time. True, on Day Three there were no circus strippers on ecstasy waving their crotches in the air, nor were there pleasant indie gays joining in (ironically?) like what we saw on Day Two. But it was still fun.

Here’s more photos by Angora Holly Polo and Gera “Momma G” Brown

Tulip Wars: This is Tara. She’s an adorable lass who can level an entire room with her amazing voice and uncomfortable jokes. Some bands spend all their time onstage trying to look serious and cool, but Tara’s like, fuck that shit I’m having a ball and laughing the whole time.

Blue Million Miles: Guitar dudes – I love it when you swing your guitar up in the air! If you do it, I will probably take a picture of it. Luckily Jeff Shapiro does this ALL THE TIME.

Port Au Prince: What started as a back-and-forth of whiskey shots between Father Guido and Jason Cain during UMS weekend has now carried into real life, in perpetuity.

We went to this Brass Tree Sessions house party that had chairs made out of skis. Vitamins and Bad Weather California were playing. So did Achille Lauro and Overcasters. Purple-haired girls were hula-hooping. There was this dog named Dakota Fwhat. Lots of cool kids. Ethan ate a shit ton of ribs. Fwhat ate rib bones. It was anti-bummer city, the bee’s knees.

This is me taking a picture of the TV showing the recording of the Brass Tree Sessions. STUPID META!!! I think this was the Vitamins, who also sounded amazing.

Guido and the BartenderDonnybrook men embrace.

Bad Weather California: Brass Tree Sessions are rad!

Two girls, one hula hoop

Overcasters: Kicked so much ass. With Erin T.’s drumsticks ripping up streamers and cameras flying all over the place, it felt like being in a small room with a tornado.

Overcasters Brass Tree SessionHere Angora is taking a picture of the Brass Tree camera dude recording the Overcasters. META!!!!

Dakota Fwhat: Just a great name for a dog.

Ethan ate a lot of ribs.

Pirate Signal: Yonnas and his beautiful unicorn.

Le Divorce: Donnybrookites look even better up on stage. We love you guys!

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake:  is magical. Whenever Snake Rattle Rattle Snake plays, wind suddenly appears, and Haely just so happens to be wearing a dress that looks awesome blowing in the wind. Denver’s answer to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Maybe.

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  1. John Wenzel August 1, 2011 at 4:53 pm · Reply

    Great pics! Thanks for coming out and letting your men embrace each other in the sweatiest of ways.

    “It was anti-bummer city, the bee’s knees.”


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