The 35th Starz Denver Film Festival Kicks Off This Week!

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And we’ve got your official Donnybrook Pocket Guide to the Festival

35th Starz Denver Film Fest

"Vote Film" 35th Starz Denver Film FestivalThis year, the 35th Starz Denver Film Festival is rolling out its new advertising campaign with “Vote Film” inspired by the election that coincides with the current schedule. We think it’s good, but it could be better. Unfortunately they rejected all of our suggestions including “A Storm Is Coming”, in homage to the recent hurricane. We think this totally fits given the Frankenstorm of Film about to descend on Denver. Starz was not amused. But we were. And that’s really the main point, here.

Although they didn’t like our campaign suggestion we were somehow invited back again this year to review movies and talk to a few filmmakers, in spite of the mess we made last year.

35th Starz Denver Film Fest

What mess you ask? To those unaware, we pulled a fire alarm at last year’s red carpet gala as a way to “alarm” everybody that Donnybrook was in attendance. Turns out attendees–particularly red carpet guests–weren’t that impressed. But thanks to a few favors we pulled at the gala after party (which did NOT involve Ivyy giving handy’s to all the male attendees whilst Alistair blew cocaine in their nostrils with a tribal blowgun) all was forgiven.

This year we promise not to pull fire alarms. (No promises on the handy’s and coke.) We may set a few things on fire, but that will probably be at one of the after parties and it won’t be intentional (maybe).

35th Starz Denver Film FestWith so many films to choose from we have been honored to return as the tastemakers for SDFF attendees unsure of what to do and see. Thanks to our ridiculously useful “Pocket Guide to the Fest,” you are invited to read our reviews the way a weary traveler might browse a list of overnight accommodations to rest his old bones.

Frankly, not everything will come recommended. Our guide will advise you on where to go and where to turn away. Should you do the opposite of what we tell you then please, by all means! Be an idiot!

As for the rest of you, you must be thrilled Donnybrook is back at it again.

We’re thrilled for you too.

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