A How I Met Your Mother Love Story

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These constant breaks from How I Met Your Mother are draining my classically trained soul. This week Marshall is stuck at his mother’s house and is looking for some great story from New York to occupy his time and he gets just that when Robin calls to tell him about a development between Zoey and Ted. You see, Zoey had offered Ted a chance to go out on a date with her hot Cousin named Honey (portrayed by the incredibly smokin’ Katy Perry). Future Ted says that after the retelling of this story over the years, the girls named had been forgotten and the only thing that could be remembered is that she was gullible and said things that made you just want to say… Oh Honey:

Honey: I just had a great TV audition, behind the KFC where the producer works on the weekends. Long story short, I’m going to be on LOST.

Marshall: Oh…Honey.

The two are introduced at the bar and seem to hit it off.  But, Barney seems to be more interested in the girl than Ted does:

Ted: I’d say hump her brains out, but somebody obviously already has.

The hilarity of the episode remains until Robin drops a bombshell. This atomic blast is that Ted told her that he is in love with Zoey. But, he knows that he can’t love her because she is married and is determined to break all contact with her so he can shake the feelings.

Marshall’s call with Robin is interrupted by a call from Barney. He has a very different story of how last night with Honey happened. But, Marshall isn’t fooled:

Barney: It was actually pretty noble of him. He fell on his sword, so that she could fall on mine.

Classic Barney. But, he also has another vital piece of information to tell Marshall. The morning after he hooked up with Honey, he ran into Zoey and she was relieved by the fact that Barney had slept with Honey and not Ted. Marshall comes to the revelation that Zoey is also in love with Ted. Dun dun dunnnn, the plot thickens. Before Marshall has a chance to call Ted with the news, he calls him and has his own story. Ted finally told Zoey he couldn’t be around her anymore but couldn’t say why.

Next, Lily calls Marshall and explains that Ted had actually said that Lily was the reason why they couldn’t hang out anymore. Zoey visited Lily, who lied as well and said the reason is because Robin hates her. Robin once again calls and said that she had blamed Marshall and figured there would be no way that she would call because of his recent loss.

This episode is filled with phone call interruptions and the last one is the most significant. Marshall’s last call is from Honey who had gotten Marshall’s number out of one of Barney’s spare phones and was trying to find him. Marshall asks if Zoey had shared anything important with Honey about her life as of late and Honey says she can only share that with Zoey or her therapist. Marshall then tricks Honey into believing that he is Zoey’s therapist. Oh…Honey…

Zoey and the Captain are getting a divorce and now Marshall knows and explains the scenario to his mother and brother who have been eavesdropping on the phone during the duration of the show. Back in New York, Zoey confronts Ted about the real reason he doesn’t want her around anymore. He claims that he is the one that hates her and continues to ramble off things about her that he doesn’t like. While he is doing this Zoey gets a call from Marshall and he tells her that Ted loves her.

Zoey: He does?

Zoey hangs up the phone and Marshall calls Ted:

Ted: She does?

The two embrace in a fantastic kiss which ends the episode.

Part of my mind screams with the want of Zoey being the mother that has been foretold. But, the other part knows that she can’t be. How could Zoey, a woman who has been married before, be the epic love story that we all want? The story that has been building for years! No, this will not be the epic love that will end the story even if they do make an adorable couple. But, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. The end of the show is coming fast and they have to start ending things soon. Beeteedubs, there is at least one more season in the works.

So, this bitch better clear the way for the actual love of Ted’s life and fast.

Until next time, Stay tuned!

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