Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 Preview

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When I initially saw previews of Sarah Burton’s collection for Alexander McQueen for Spring 2012, I thought I was looking at stills from Rihanna’s S&M music video. Or I stepped into Lady Gaga’s personal closet; either one gives you the idea, really. The newest McQueen collection incorporates an assortment of metals, black leather and straps! Helmets galore on the runway! My utmost respect, however, goes to the designer’s dramatic sense of style and not to Ri-Ri. Sorry I’m not sorry, Rihanna. Hats off to Alexander –he was the original freak bitch. The label’s 2012 Spring collection debuted at Fashion Week in Paris last month. Being the fashion whore that I am, I was all over this collection like Oprah is all over a baked ham. I was, indeed, satisfied.

Sarah Burton, who inherited the designer’s label, became creative director of fashion for the McQueen company after McQueen’s death in February of 2010. The presentation of the McQueen collection captured everyone’s attention, especially mine. Burton has maintained the brand’s image of dramatic, legendary style. Dramatic costumes, dresses, and statement-making pieces are always in style. If you’re looking for a brilliant piece of hand-crafted work, look no further than Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Burton’s collection killed it at the label’s 2012 debut. The designer has perpetuated that freaky-deeky, bizarre vibe of our late Alexander McQueen. Take, for example, his main trademark: his handmade headpieces, which include beaded masks and jeweled contraptions that look like motorcycle helmets. If I saw someone wearing one of them on the street, or even at a lavish party, I would probably want to walk in the opposite direction –the masks are scary –yet intriguing and gorgeous. The intrigue and drama is what draws people to these designers. The spectacular, the revolutionary, and the absurd are always in style.

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