An Evening With Abigail Child

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This happened at the Starz Denver Film Fest, which is still going on. You should GO!

I like making discoveries, and Abigail Child is a good one. She showed a few of her “narrative” experimental films with a kind introduction by CU professor Phil Solomon. He said Child’s films can be interpreted in IPS, or Ideas Per Second. But are they hers, or mine? I love experimental filmmaking
because it invites my active participation. If I don’t know what’s going on, if I don’t know where I am – that’s okay. As one audience member pointed out, you’re not just watching her movies. You’re learning how to watch them. I’m convinced you could teach a whole course on her unique style of filmmaking – nothing I’ll pretend to sum up succinctly here. But if you like the music of John Zorn, or old Bollywood films cut up to remove the causality of female reaction (and hey, who doesn’t?), then Abigail Child will float your boat.

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