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For being the highly erudite scholars that we are, living at Donnybrook Manor can sometimes cause us to be innocent of the outside world. With so many books to read, croquet games to play, sexy people to bed, and raucous idealogical donnybrooks to engage in, sometimes we forget to stay in vogue with the latest fads.

It was along this line of introspection that led me to wander (on my own two feet, mind you) down to the village today. I wasn’t alone. My most trusted servant, little Ricky Danger, was at my side with my mahogany flask of MacCutcheon whiskey and box of Cuban cigars.

After Danger and I finished the fire-water and wallowed in the park for a while, we stumbled into a cafe to sober ourselves with a latte and some chitchat with the young’uns. However, to my dismay, I found no rousing conversation. Instead of debating face-to-face, all the kids were opining over the net.

I can’t say this was the most fun day of my exemplary life but I did learn something from the kids I met which, after all, was the reason I made this expedition. Apparently, there are no longer assemblies of the mind; no congregations. Instead, the peasants have set-up this bastardization of democracy known as a blogosphere.

For your own enlightenment I have amassed some entries from the more tolerable bloggers. There’s not much to this fad, but you might find these worthy of your down-time while waiting your turn at the Sunday afternoon orgy. (Tip: RSS means “Real Simple Syndication“. More evidence that this weblog thing is for simpletons.)

Aggressive Christianity

About nineteen miles south of Las Cruces, near the southern edge of our state, lies the mostly flat, wide-sky, desert town of Berino, New Mexico. There, cotton fields sprawl into the distance from the edges of dirt and gravel roads, the cars of Interstate 10 and the waters of the Rio Grande border the horizons to the east and west, and an old red-brick school building with a bizarre history slumps beside some railroad tracks.

In 1993, that little schoolhouse became the compound of a semi-obscure fundamentalist sect known as the Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps. Wearing military-style uniforms, and awarding rank to members of the group based on their dedication, the group considered themselves a spiritual army, preparing the world for an apocalyptic war against the evils of society—against rock and roll, homosexuality, television, psychoanalysis, medication, karate, and more.

Reality Sandwich is a web magazine for this time of intense transformation. Our subjects run the gamut from sustainability to shamanism, alternate realities to alternative energy, remixing media to re-imagining community, holistic healing techniques to the promise and perils of new technologies. We hope to spark debate and engagement by offering a forum for voices ranging from the ecologically pragmatic to the wildly visionary (which, to our delight, sometimes turn out to be the one and the same). Counteracting the doom-and-gloom of the daily news, Reality Sandwich is a platform for voices conveying a different vision of the transformations we face. Our goal is to inspire psychic evolution and a kind of earth alchemy.”

The Clinton/Obama Non-Handshake Mega-Scandal

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February 5, 2008

Harold And Maude Official Soundtrack (Finally)

Harold And Maude Official Soundtrack (Finally)

Yes, 36 years after the film’s release, an official H&M soundtrack’s out in an edition of 2500 on Cameron Crowe’s vinyl films. (Cameron blogged about it last fall.) The package comes with posters, booklets, a 7″, an on multi-colored vinyl … and it’s all in collaboration with Yusuf Islam, credited as Cat Stevens on the cover. Speaking of Cat, such a great moment in Cougar history.

Objectify This

(the radical notion that people are people)

Sarah Silverman is Fucking Matt Damon… the song.

Sarah Silverman strikes again, with some much needed sex-positivity. Need I say more?

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Monday, November 12, 2007


On behalf of ourselves, we are proud to present the long-awaited new mixtape from certified internet platinum artists The Hood Internet. The zShare version is one long mp3 and the Megaupload and Sendspace versions are zip files with all the individual mp3s.

Download via zShare [96.1MB mp3 file]
Download via Megaupload [98.2MB zip file]
Download via Sendspace [98.2MB zip file]
View artwork: 800px by 800px version

#80.2 – VAMPIRE WEEKEND – The Kids don’t stand a chance

Uploaded by lablogotheque

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2 Comments on "An Ode: Bloggers"

  1. Col. Hector Bravado February 6, 2008 at 7:25 am · Reply

    “Other blogs?” How dreadful. I won’t hear of it.

  2. Bang Tango'ed February 6, 2008 at 9:51 am · Reply

    The hood internet has been on a constant loop in my head for the last month. As the kids say, “Shit is fire yo”.. I’m not sure what the means. Blogotheque gets two thumbs up from my general direction as well. Being the vampire weekend whore that I am, it’s always good to hear never before recorded material. Beirut’s video was also really good.

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