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With a name that taunts the general public with its sheer unwillingness to change, Zach Galifiniakis is truly a comedian of Donnybrook Writing Academy caliber in terms of elitism. Anyone who’s seen “The Comedians of Comedy” holds a special place in their hearts for this piano-ballad comedian, whose appearance on the tour left us both hysterical and feeling a little bit awkward. We don’t want to discuss what happened in that hotel room. It’s even embarrassing for us.

Zachey has snared the comedy and music world alike with his whiskery siren’s songs, attracting people like Fiona Apple, Kanye West and the Killers to collaborate with him; and it’s pure YouTube gold. For that reason, we’re giving you a little taste of that Galifiniakass.

If you thought Santa Claus didn’t exist, you were wrong. He’s a fucked-up psychopath taking Brandon Flowers hostage in the desert, and he’s played by Zach Galifianakis. Apparently if you buy the song from iTunes, all proceeds go to (RED).

In this beauty, Kanye West unleashed Zach upon a farm, giving him a chainsaw, a tractor, and Will Oldham to play with, as a sort of 21st century hybrid of lead (lip synching) vocalist and nontraditional rap video ho. I think our Lady Z would agree that it could only be improved upon if he were given some hoop earrings.

One of my favorite clips in the world, here’s something from “The Comedians of Comedy” in which Zach, in a nature setting, of course, discusses his somewhat pretentious views on physical comedy. And then…other stuff happens.

In this clip from his standup, Zach dresses up as Little Orphan Annie, shows us his panties, and flips through several political messages a la John Madden.

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  1. Special Occasion Bobby November 29, 2007 at 11:50 am · Reply

    Ha Ha. no, not that John Madden.

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