An Open Letter To Author John Green

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Everyone, I have to warn you on this one; this is about a book.

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I know, some of you are cringing in your chairs just hearing that word.  Reading is hard, we understand.  But, have you ever read a book that just sent you down a spiral of feelings and emotional states that you thought you had hid from your daily life?

I feel sad for you if you haven’t because I just read a freaking fantastic novel by John Green.  It was one of those situations where I didn’t want to put it down and not even class or social/real life obligations got in my way.

John Green AuthorWhen one of those books comes around I find it fitting to thank the novelist responsible (My teenage years were filled with letters to J.K. Rowling and D.J. MacHale).  So, without further introduction…here is my letter to John Green:

Dear Mr. Green,

I have just finished your novel, The Fault in Our Stars, and while it may be one of the best things I have read in an extremely long time; I am disappointed that there is not more.

The story of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters is heartfelt and one of the best love stories I’ve read or even heard of in a long time (between you and me, I enjoyed the fascinating look at cancer more than the actual love story).

You, sir, have become one of my idols over the last few months with your activism (via your Youtube channel, Vlog Brothers) and the fact that you still manage to create such beautiful works of art is amazing to me.

The Fault in Our Stars QuoteI laughed, I cried, there were moments where I felt that I wanted to block out the world and escape with Hazel and Gus to Amsterdam.  This work is truly full of merit and I completely agree with it being named one of the best books of 2012 (Not just for young adults but for regular sized adults too).

I both hate and love this book which is the sign of any good story/author.

Please, keep up the good work and you shall receive nothing but well wishes from me!  I mean, a peek at your next draft of whatever might even score you a cameo in my next book (just to let you know).

Forever in your debt,
Zack Flanagan, aka “Ace Wellington The Third”

John Green The Fault in Our StarsFor those of you interested, “The Fault in Our Stars” has been named one of the best books of 2012 by the New York Times and has even been a bestseller for the past few months. 

The story is a literal emotional roller coaster ride, filled with hormones, drugs (the cancer fighting kind) and a love story that has left me aching. 

If you read one book this year, or next year (or let’s face it- this decade) try to embrace this story because it has an amazing message to tell.

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