Angora’s Tour of the Webinet: Baby Shit.

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It occurred to me after starting this blog to have some sort of “theme.” And what the hell? I’m feeling fucking maternal today. Today’s tour of the internet explores sites with baby (or youngish) themes.

Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals


Our Monolith photographer JB sent me a link to this site and within minutes, I was sending everyone I knew e-cards that said “I’m banging your wife,” “Mommy blew your college fund on coke,” and the age-old favorite “Grandma’s Dead” atop photos of completely adorable baby animals. This site’s a crowd pleaser: it combines enough cute stuff to get the ladies into a frenzy, but also talks about banging peoples’ wives. What more could you want in a web site?

Brightest Young Things

Out of our nation’s capitol comes something not-so-serious, not-so political. It’s basically a fun, happy, shiny dazzling music/art/entertainment blog for local kids – with party pictures and show previews.

Les Enfants Terribles

“Les Enfants Terribles” was a book written in 1929 by Jean Cocteau about two siblings who were raised in isolation, and had that isolation shattered during adolescence (as Wiki says, of course). It’s also the reference point for the band the Cocteau Twins, go figure. Either way, it’s a fabulously elitist-sounding name to a Francophile such as myself; but the actual content isn’t snooty at all. It’s full of straightforward and passionate writings on music from “just two music-loving folks, putting our humble opinions into the interwebs.”

Well, that’s all for today, loves. And now it’s time I leave you with some bittersweet news; are you sitting down? The bad news is that your Grandma is dead. The good news: LOOK AT THE PUPPY!


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One Comment on "Angora’s Tour of the Webinet: Baby Shit."

  1. Ivyy November 17, 2008 at 12:51 pm · Reply

    awwwwwwww. that puppy is adorable. clearly there is no bad news when i’m looking into that adorable puppy’s adorable eyes. awwwwwwwwww.

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