Angora’s Tour of the Internet: Sex

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I’m facing a dilemma, loves: the title I chose for my own column is grating at my nerves. Angora’s Tour of the Webinet? Ech. That person should be shot. So I’m taking column title submissions. Make it clever, people. Sleek. And desperately hot, like the column’s humble creator.

Speaking of which, today I’m exploring sites on the internet with a common theme: sex. Firstly, because 99% of our readers are trolling the internet for porn and just happen upon “Handjob and a Reuben.” While I don’t want to imagine what happens next, why don’t we admit to ourselves what this relationship is? Pure sex and nothing more!

And secondly, sex is super sexy. It’s decidedly “in” this season. And thirdly, this theme of sex and music gives me a chance to link back to an old blog by Benjamin St. Maur that I absolutely loved about wanting to have sex with peoples’ voices – back in the day when Donnybrook looked a little more ghetto but our hearts were in the right place. Awww. The pictures done broke but the blog’s still wily. Check it out here.

So slap some mood music on; we’re looking at sssexy sssites today, ladies and gentlemen.

The Music Slut


WOW. I want to have sex with this site!

It was a solid music site to begin with, comprised of writers in Scotland and NYC, their blogroll filled with stuff from Scandinavia, Central America, Southern Europe, and more. But their new design alone is worth mentioning. Maybe I’m easily tittilated, but the different images of naughtiness that debut with each refresh of the page – boobies, gigantic packages, ladies in underwear, and is that Prince, naked? – provide me with hours of fun not unlike those pens that you turn upside-down to reveal a naked lady. Each naughty image comes from a classic record, like Roxy Music’s “Country Life” (above) or Jimi Hendrix – and it probably doesn’t hurt their traffic. The rest of the design really pops. I’m in love with this web site – and I haven’t even gotten past the boobies yet. Here’s another screen shot:


Sex with Headphones On


I chose this music blog because of the name; then on top of that, I checked it out today and there she was: Lykke Li, with this sexy picture and the quote: “I feel like I have to give you something special…”


Yes, Lykke. You do. It’s no secret that I am completely hetero-ga-ga for Lykke Li, even if sometimes she sounds like a three-year-old (the track they posted, for example – just wait till she starts singing. Then she gets all hip hop all over our faces with a rendition of Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?”). It’s adorable, really.

Sex with Headphones On is a great music blog with coverage spanning Austin, Memphis, and Sacramento – and beyond.  It’s also an activity that uses George Costanza logic in a less messy way. Try it out someday and report back.

Guilt Free Pleasures


I lumped this one into today’s theme because sex, if practiced safely, can be a guilt-free pleasure. I’s good for you! It cures headaches, raising immune defenses against the common cold…you name it.

Further stressing that good music knows no boundaries (or at least state lines), Guilt Free Pleasures has contributors from Brooklyn, Minneapolis, and LA, writing about music, film, TV, film, and literature. Sometimes they write stuff, and sometimes they cut right past the foreplay and get to the good stuff: the mp3s, of course. Lots of free mp3s.

I’d like to end on a sad note; I know this site is now-defunct, but in honor of our theme, I’d like to toast our fellow Denverites, Wayward Panties – we loved your blog and know you ladies will continue to do excellent things.

Here, here!


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4 Comments on "Angora’s Tour of the Internet: Sex"

  1. Bang Tango'ed December 10, 2008 at 8:38 am · Reply

    1. Porn and Advertisements

    2. Angora’s Magic School Bus Presents…. A Tour of the Tubes. Starring Angora Holly Polo as Ms. Frizzle

    3. Serious Business

  2. Sid Pink December 10, 2008 at 1:23 pm · Reply

    Great list.

    New title:

    The Curator

    you’re welcome

  3. Tiffany December 11, 2008 at 2:15 pm · Reply

    Don’t call it a come back! Soon, Wayward Panties shall rise again and music lovers around the world can rejoice in the ability to throw panties at bands. The goal is to be back by the beginning of the new year. But, I make no promises.

  4. mike m December 19, 2008 at 10:03 pm · Reply

    i wish people still threw panties at bands, ive been spending way too much money on my hanes boxer briefs

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