The Bartender Interviews Eddie Argos of Art Brut

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In anticipation of Art Brut’s high-energy kick-ass rock show at the Bluebird Nov 6 with Surfer Blood and Denver’s own Jim McTurnan, the Bartender invited Eddie Argos to have a drink and a chat. Discussions were had. Stories were almost told about debauchery with Brian Jonestown Massacre.

First things first, what would you like to drink? And don’t say tea because we don’t have any.
Vodka, Cranberry and a dash of soda.

On the internet it says you guys are from South London. Tell me a little about your home and making a living there as a musician.
We’re not from South London. We’re from all over. We all live in North London now though. To be honest with you we are very rarely at home as we are always on tour. We don’t mind though, we like being on tour.

Do you have any memories of drunken debauchery in Colorado?
We played at the Monolith festival. That’s in Colorado right? We played the same day as The Brian Jonestown Massacre. I have some amazing debauched stories about them. I don’t think it’s my place to tell you them though.

Have you ever tried rocky mountain oysters? – I have some pickling in the jar at the end of the bar if you want to try one.
Yes thanks. They sound delicious

Frank Black worked on your last album, Art Brut vs. Satan. Did you guys ever get wasted together?
On the first night we all went to his hotel room and shared some pretty strong micro brewed beer he likes. He took us out drinking a couple of times too. He is a good drinking companion.

Thanks Eddie, We’ll see you at the show and maybe I can get the real story about hanging out with the Jonestown boys. Better yet we could have a tale of debauchery to tell ourselves.

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Keep drinking and rocking,

The Bartender

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