Hi! Today I Got My Period.

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Histrionic diary entries, angsty yearbook scrawlings, and really bad poetry brought back from teenagerhood and the other side of cool. Dates may be omitted and names may have been changed, but rest assured these are legit.

Diary entry July 11th, ’90 (11 years old)

“Dear Diary,

Hi! Today I got my period. Can you believe it? We were at camp watching a movie, and Amy Rosen (counselor) and I had to go to the bathroom. We went to the bathroom, and I saw a pinkish brownish spot on my underpants. So I told Jenny (counselor) about it we went and got a pad, but I didn’t bleed anymore. It was very exciting. And it is so good that I got it at camp! It was such a good experience! I’ll write more later. Love, xxxx”

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