Black And White Things To Buy For Your Servants

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1. Black button ring

My friend Rachel made this amazing ring out of an enormous black button. I love it because it’s HUGE, and I love huge jewelry (now known as statement jewelry). I always get compliments when I wear it. Being black, it goes with anything. Being a button, it’s super light and comfortable to wear. And it’s unique, since no two button rings are alike. This piece was priced at an incredibly affordable twelve dollars(!) plus tax. She also makes gorgeous original designs out of metal.

To buy: Rachel Dawn Designs

2. Black and white push pins and paper clips

These black and white square push pins and paper clips look super cool and contemporary, but will only set you back .99 cents per package. With 30 push pins and 60 paper clips in each, you do the math. No? Fine, I’ll do it. That’s less than a penny per push pin and/or paper clip! When was the last time you even bought anything that cheap? Never? These organizational wonders are servant-worthy, for sure. They’ll be pinning and clipping in style!

To buy: Your local Office Max

3. Black and white cupcake

Like a Hostess cupcake, gone gourmet. Also around three times bigger. Need I say more? Cost: five dollars.

To buy: WaterCourse Foods in Denver

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  1. Mark Kane January 5, 2012 at 1:53 pm · Reply

    Prudence is so refined. Would praise be vulgar? no matter how elegant and apt?

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