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Blog Blog is a blog about blogs. In this blog, Angora examines some interesting blogs having to do with fashion and art.

What can I say? Some people just have artistic personalities. Having one of those myself, I think that I’m simultaneously lucky and unlucky to have been raised by such down-to-earth parents, because without their very logical advice on all fronts–social norms, ladylike behavior, career advice (which, let’s face it, I didn’t listen to most of that) and wardrobe–I would probably dress myself like this every day:

So I’ve learned to tone it down, but I’m still a weird girl. Luckily in our day and age, there are plenty of outlets for weird girls such as myself, such as Etsy and the like; and there are a myriad of ways that I can get my weird girl kicks on the internet–while listening to Joanna Newsom, of course.

Accidental Fresh
Tagline: Ever see someone in a fresh outfit? But they didn’t actually know they were being fresh? We have.


I like the premise behind Accidental Fresh: some of the best fashion inspirations come from those we expect the least, like the homeless, babies, and hairy old dudes. I mean, that’s what high fashion is about, amiright? Taking something like “trash can” and dropping a “chic” on the end of it. I used to get my kicks looking through Vice’s DOs and DONTs, which provide endless entertainment because it’s fashion commentary from an unexpected source (mostly perverted hipster guys). Now we have Accidental Fresh to capture that moment where we see an old lady’s outfit that we envy, and feel immediately shameful about it. The moment where cool and uncool intersect? That’s what Accidental Fresh is all about.

Tagline: Where DIY Meets WTF


When left to their own creative devices, people will make–and charge money for–some pretty weird shit. Regretsy has all the most delightful specimens from Etsy in a myriad of varieties, ranging from “Self-Gratification” (a crafty hand-made dildo with pretty flowers–because all other sex toys didn’t match up to their aesthetic and intellectual standards) to art pieces painted with acrylics and a vagina, to the “Not Remotely Hand-Made” category (someone decided to sell a gift card to Olive Garden on Etsy. What is this, Cragislist???).

And sure, it might seem mean to pick on the strange, weakling creative types who are making these retarded things out of the goodness of their own hearts, but don’t fret–according to the site, “Profits from Regretsy merchandise are used to hire Etsy artists to create handmade products for various charities, or to directly benefit Etsy sellers in need.” So the site supports them too–like tough love!

I think the fashions on this site are the worst, because it takes something reallyreally bad, like neon skants for example, for people to pretty much universally agree it’s bad. And yes, it’s reallyreally bad.

the Moldy Doily


This is just a blog that I straightup love. Kime Buzzelli is an artist in L.A. and is my weird-girl fashion idol. I love every outfit and photo she posts on her blog, I love her artwork, and I even love reading about her every day life. I even love looking at pictures of her ugly-cute cat named Georgie!

She seems like a complete Renaissance woman, talented in every creative arena she touches. When I grow up, I want to hang disco balls in my house like Kime, wear bright colors, get my psychic reading every week, and paint my sidewalk in the rain like her psychic friend Annakim Violette.

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