boring press release released by local band, Achille Lauro.

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Dear bands,

If you are a cool band, AND you send us funny press releases, we will probably post them on our blog. Love, Angora

Achille Lauro Beach Party
Hi-dive 7 South Broadway
Feb 26th 9:00pm 21+

Who likes to party?  Simple enough, everybody likes to party.  Here’s another, who rocks the party that rocks the body?  That ones a little more difficult because not every man/woman/child enjoys rockin’ a party that rocks multiple bodies.  If there’s one thing certain in this world, it’s that Achille Lauro loves to rock the party that rocks that body.  Any body.  That’s why we play so many themed shows.  Loosen up.  Put on a costume.  Get out of your shell and into a shell bikini.  With that said, Achille Lauro will be throwing a Beach Party February 26th at the Hi Dive.  Beach attire is not required, but extremely recommended.

Now we understand, Achille Lauro’s party may not rock everybody’s body.  It’s cool.  To each their own.  But we got a grip of friends guaranteed to wet your appetite for fun.   The boys of Hindershot will be releasing a brand new 7″.  If that doesn’t rev your engine, we got Tommy Metz dropping it low and deep.  If you still don’t believe this shits gonna be bananas, Ken Arkind will be tossin’ those said bananas in a literal blender and servin’ up some very poetic banana daiquiris.  And he blends it good.  So good you’re gonna get a brain freeze.  But a brain freeze that really makes ya think.

So pack up the babies and bring the old ladies down to the Hi-Dive February 26th.  See ya there with sunscreen on!

line up
achille lauro
tommy metz
ken arkind

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