Castle Reviews: Dunafon Castle

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A little west of Morrison, Colorado, there’s a castle tucked away off the side of the road where it drops off into woods. You wouldn’t even know it was there if it weren’t for a little coat-of-arms flag on the left. If you follow that flag, there’s a long road surrounded by trees that you drive down, with a sign that informs you that you’re on camera.

I mention this camera because you shouldn’t just show up all willy-nilly at Dunafon Castle. I believe people might actually live there many months of the year, just living in their castle with their ponds and their moats and their hot tubs, no biggie (I HATE THEIR GUTS), and they open it up in the warmer months to host weddings and events. If you get married there because of this blog, the only thing that I ask is that you invite me. To live there. All the time. You can make that happen, right?

Anyways, back to the path. You drive down this long path, and I would imagine that if you were more of an important person than Donnybrook (do such people exist?), you would have trumpets to announce your arrival. We instead just parked our car and wandered the grounds until a nice fellow snatched us up and herded us towards the tour.

It’s quite the shock to be suddenly transported to a lush place where you could realistically conceive of fairies existing. Everything was suddenly enveloped in mist. There were little pumpkins with vines coming out of them. We walked along a winding path through rolling green hills, over arched bridges that had brooks babbling underneath them. Magical ponds glimmered under willowy trees and giant oaks. There was a little moat encircling a trellis, under which people get married, and they probably also have good-magic ceremonies there, just a guess. There was even a cluster of trees where they built a treehouse that looked like a castle!

When I look at their picture gallery, I’m reminded how unreal it was. Also, I’m pretty sure this guy is secretly the cousin of Bilbo Baggins.

They rent out the first floor for events, which can turn into a dining hall. It really feels pleasantly, romantically, shiveringly medieval inside. There’s a dungeon downstairs with a very, very long table, where the men get ready before weddings, and where they hilariously keep the children during weddings. No castle tree house for you. Get in the dungeon!

Some things you should know: when they have weddings there, they don’t let anyone stay there (like some wedding venues do), so it’s kind of a bummer if you plan on having drunk people at your wedding, since it’s also kind of remote. Also, is it a good idea to have a ton of drunk people in an old castle?


Click on the pictures at the top of this post to scroll through the gallery. If you want more pictures and don’t mind blurriness, check out my Flickr photostream. Go get married there and you had better enjoy it, you princessy bitch!

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2 Comments on "Castle Reviews: Dunafon Castle"

  1. Alistair October 7, 2011 at 11:57 am · Reply

    That Bilbo wannabe is creeping me out. A little. I think it’s his attempt at “sessy-face” – and I dig it. In a creepy way.

  2. Zeal December 17, 2011 at 12:21 am · Reply

    It’s always a pelsraue to hear from someone with expertise.

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