Coconut’s Super Bowl Thoughts

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I was watching the game last week, and a few random thoughts popped up in my head about Black-Eyed Peas. So I scribbled them down.

- Next year’s halftime show should be sponsored by a fork company, because that’s what I was jabbing myself in the ears with.

- I guess Milli wasn’t available. Or is it Vanilli?

- The Black-Eyed Peas played so much shit, the grass on the field grew so much, the players had to change spikes.

- BEP is to music as Tron is to plot.

- BEP is to music as Lingerie Football is to football.

- Upon being asked about the halftime show, Joe Buck was heard to say, “That is a disgusting act.”

- I haven’t seen that much bad use of neon since 1987.

- When did Slash turn into Mick Mars?

- No, tonight is not going to be a good, good night at all.

- Where was the falling ice when we needed it?

- It’s a good thing Eminem sold out to Chrysler, ‘cause he sure as fuck needed something to get away from that trainwreck.

- Roethlisburger was heard to say, “I can’t stand girls who like this type of music.”

- I thought it couldn’t get any worse than when the NHL had Clay Aiken sing the anthem at the All Star Game. Man, was I wrong.

- Looks like the Colonel has a few more songs to add to his list.

- Anyone wanna lay bets Nickelback plays halftime next year?

- Wearing all leather and a plastic headpiece is definitely pushing it. Add the lights…..

- It’s a good thing Fergie didn’t pee herself, or else she would have been electrocuted. Wait a minute, let me think that one through…

- Next year, I have four little letters for the halftime planning committee; G,W,A and R.

- Right now there are about 30 Austin hipster bands saying, “Pffttt, we can do better than that.

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