Computer Perfection | We Wish You Well On Your Way To Hell

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Computer Perfection | We Wish You Well On Your Way To Hell | The Donnybrook Writing Academy

Computer Perfection | We Wish You Well On Your Way To Hell | The Donnybrook Writing AcademyMost Likely To: be the least bloody uprising of the year.

Other than the members of No Vacancy (the fictional band that fires Jack Black’s character Dewey Finn at the beginning of School of Rock), I can’t think of another instance where the backing members of a rock band have lopped off their leader, but continued making music in much the same manner as before. Yet, that’s exactly what the members of Computer Perfection did when they parted ways with Casimer Pascal, bringing an end to Pas/Cal’s six years of creating top notch orchestral pop.

Though Computer Perfection have carried out a successful bloodless coup, the resulting release, We Wish You Well On Your Way to Hell, hardly sounds like regime change. Computer Perfection’s Gene Corduroy is Raul to Casimer’s Fidel. Sure, it probably feels like a new day to Computer Perfection, to be able to make the kind of record you’ve always dreamed of making. But from the cynical critic’s perspective, it sounds pretty much like a Pas/Cal release (not necessarily a bad thing) with one intangible, critical piece missing (not necessarily a good thing).

But I’m not willing to give up on Computer Perfection. Yet. We Wish You Well is an enjoyable diversion, and should appeal to Pas/Cal’s fan base. “Able Archer” and “How I Won the War” are densely layered nuggets of melody that stand up well to repeated listens. When Ian Curtis died, nobody gave Joy Division a chance to succeed, and Movement, their first release as New Order sounded pretty much like Joy Division. So, Computer Perfection, take as long as you need to find your own sound, as long as you don’t require more than one more album to do it.

Watch the video for “Able Archer” below:

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