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John Dicker, along with Joel Peach, is a founding member of that oh-so-elite of pastimes, the Geeks Who Drink pub quiz. Every night of the week you can find a Geeks pub quiz going down at pubs all across Denver. Many can also now be found in Seattle, Texas, New Mexico and (starting Sept. 10th) Charlottesville, VA. Needless to say, the Geeks Who Drink brand has blown up in the past few years. Geeks Who Drink uses different media (soundbites, songs, printed handouts) theme rounds and creative genius to entertain, challenge and engage the crowd. Each round is custom crafted and fact checked by GWD staff. If you’re one of those few elitists who hasn’t attempted to prove your wits by attending a Geeks event, or you’re a commoner who just stumbled upon this post, click here to find more info. on GWD.

Question the First: You’re co-founder and Quizmaster-in-Chief of a gigantic slew of bar trivia nights. What, do you think you’re smarter than everyone?

Not smarter,  just more interesting.

Deux: in the same vein, please list all of your credentials–certificates, certifications, B.A.s,, Ph.Ds, knightings, and the like, that make you qualified as Quizmaster. Please make them entirely fictional, if possible.

Honorable Mention in 4th grade spelling bee (only lost because the other kids were smarter); owner of one, appropriately shabby tweed jacket; member in good standing of Burger King Kids Club.

Trois: Angora Holly Polo has had the multiple pleasures of attending quiz nights and hosting one as a Celebrity Quizmaster. Her impression was as follows: these geeks are TOTALLY HARDCORE into it. Do you think the quiz nights each week are their only source of happiness in life? Ever?

Yes, many of our regulars are hardcore. I get phone calls if we’re late sending out the weekly email previewing the theme rounds cause these bitches STUDY.  I think they find happiness in many online chatrooms and from the Criterion collection, but we offer  a chance at an extremely ephemeral but no less distinct form of nerd recognition and that can be addictive when it gets in the bloodstream.

Do they ever yell at you for not annunciating enough when you’re Quizmaster? They yelled at me.

No, I’m loud. Like, ALL CAPS loud. I do get yelled at when I mispronounce things, but that’s only when they’re Italian words.

Another impression: many of the regulars are not geeks. When did you make the decision to start letting hot stupid people in?

When my wife told me I needed to make some money. Having said that, I’m always surprised at the scores from people who don’t appear geeky. On the flip side, there’s many geek poseurs. Frappuccino glasses and pacman shirts are easier to come by than a working knowledge of the canon of the DMG.


Trivia games are fun and all, but then you had the brilliant idea to have them in bars, with drinking. Can we give you an award?

Um, I didn’t invent the pub quiz. But if you give me an award, I’d ask that it be edible. Vegan too cause that’s how I roll.

How does the bar atmosphere affect the trivia game?

The upside is that lots of people are happy drunks, downside is that lots of people are douchey drunks. We think of ourselves as putting on a show, that we are entertainers, but we have to balance that out with the reason we get paid: People buy food and drink and we make money for our clients. Generally speaking, it’s a very unpretentious atmosphere and I like that.

This Tuesday, August 25th, you’re having an ALL SIMPSONS trivia quiz at Moe’s BBQ. What brought on the yellow fever? How did this idea come about?

Kent Shelton, one of our esteemed quizmasters, had the idea. He hosts at Moe’s and since it has an obvious Simpsons tie in we though… why the hell not.  We’ve done themed quizzes before (comic books, a Lenny Bruce tribute quiz, Star Wars, etc…) and the great thing about The Simpsons is that it’s the TV show everyone at the office,  the truckstop, the jihad training camp can all agree on.

Please tell us how the Simpsons has had an impact on your life. Please tell us this in haiku form.

How ’bout the Biggie Smalls format?

It was all a dream, I used to read Springfield Magazine
Apu and Otto up in the bus-like limousine.
Remember Tracey Ulman – don’t have a cow?
Never thought they’d kill off Flanders wife man, yow!

If you don’t know, now you know. Quizzer.

And lastly, if WE come to your Simpsons quiz, what will YOU DO for US?

Teach you the secrets of my deep fat frier.

Deep fried secrets? Sounds alluring but the chance to hear another Simpsons inspired rap is what will get us there. See you at Moe’s on Tuesday. I’ll be sitting between Captain Lance Murdock and Bleeding Gums Murphy.

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2 Comments on "John Dicker, Quizmaster-in-Chief for Geeks Who Drink"

  1. Ivyy August 21, 2009 at 10:06 am · Reply

    This is definitely one of my favorite columns on Donnybrook. Viva La Entrevista Preocupada!!!!

  2. dicker August 27, 2009 at 5:56 pm · Reply

    Thanks for the concern. We had 51 (FITTY 1) teams show up for the Simpsons Quiz.

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