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Band photo (front page) by Laurie Scavo

As concerned citizens, Donnybrook turns our sharpened critical eyes on emerging artists – to make sure they’re up to our standards, see? In this interview, Angora Holly Polo fires tough questions at Erin Tidwell from Overcasters in light of their upcoming release of  the kickassly-titled “Revolectrocution,” November 8th at the Falcon (with A Shoreline Dream, Widowers, Blue Million Miles, DJ Tyler Jacobson, and DJ Cyren).

Question the First:

You were Donnybrook’s FIRST EVER Most Fuckable Rockstar. When that first came out, how much exactly did Kurt want to punch us in the face?

Not as much Donnybrook as the people leaving the dirty comments.

You were just interviewed by Westword (which you’ve been outspoken in your criticism of in the past). How did that go?

Good except all of my answers were edited out..?

You guys are a supergroup. It is my understanding that this means you have super powers. Please list them in order of coolness.

We are not or never will be a supergroup. We would just like to be referred to as a band.

Although I am a pretty good eater. Is that a superpower?<erin>

Johns a pretty good wanker.

Jeremy is pretty low key.

Kurt is a good eye roller

Your music is dark and haunting, yet you guys seem to be super happy people with kick ass lives. What’s up with that? 

Cognitive dissonance. That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

How exactly does one achieve a “Revolectrocution”?

attending an Overcasters show. You can come and see Nov. 8th

If all the bands you all are coming from (Munly, Tarmints, Bad Luck City, Cowboy Curse, Hot House, etc) were in a caged death match, who would win? Why?

Bad Luck City would steal all of the booze and leave early. Munly would sit in the corner with his brooding stare and could possibly win just by vibing people. Tarmints would have a shouting match and leave in a rush. Unless Sonya decided to pack some heat. Cowboy Curse would be still hanging on especially with Tyler Campo’s self inflicted black eye antics and Irish rage. Hot House would take the win because they’d fight dirty.

Donnybrook is anti-Britney Spears and anti-poor people. Please list all of the things you are anti-.




Give me 7 reasons why the Denver music scene sucks:

1.Repetition, 2. Nepotism, 3.Competition, 4. Omission, 5. Believing you’re not as cool because you’re not from a big place examples. New York, Portland, San Francisco..6. Alot of bad sound systems. 7. I can’t emphasize this one enough… Music is not a sport.

Give me 6 reasons why the Denver music scene is swell:

1.Ben Bergstrand, 2.Blue Million Miles, 3.Warehouse shows, 4.Steve Schalk, 5.Drum City Guitarland, 6.Widowers, 7.Radio 1190

What’s the worst thing about being in a relationship with the same person you’re in a band with?

Red Headed Temper

Well, the results are in: because of the fact that their members are in more bands than Jesus, and some of them live and play shows in a warehouse, Donnybrook declares the Overcasters to be societally progressive! Check out their CD release Saturday night! MP3 below!


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