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After being ground upon and harried at Denver’s most loathsome LoDo nightclubs, Donnybrook was thrilled, enthralled, enamored to finally discover Lipgloss. No Top 40 crap, no crisp-shirts, no cologne, no Ashleys, and most of all, there was good music: Brit-Pop, soul, the shit everyone actually plays at home and stuff you’ve never heard. People with mohawks go there to dance. People who can’t really dance go there to dance. Without exaggeration, it is the funnest dance night Denver has, and has reached staggering heights of popularity and ridiculous expectations to uphold. This Friday Lipgloss turns eight, and they’re celebrating with recession-buster specials: free admission and cheap drinks. Angora sat down with its resident DJs Michael Trundle and Tyler “Danger” Jacobson–also of Indie 101.5′s “Danger Radio” fame– to fire extremely important questions at them.

8 years. 8 long years of DJing and doing coke off of lady parts into the wee hours of the night. Which of you has more herpes? Do you think?

TYLER: Well, to answer the question directly, I SHOULD have more herpes but I’m guessing boyhollow DOES  have more herpes.

But let me also clarify, without any hint of sarcasm, that while we are regularly in the middle of a “snow” storm, the roughest drug either of us touch is alcohol.

MICHAEL: I’ve done many things to many lady parts in the last eight years. None of them involved coke, though. I hate coke. Not the soda, but the drug. I like Coke aka Coca-Cola. Although I prefer Vodka & Dr. Pepper. And herpes isn’t something you have more or less of. It’s not a quantity thing. You either have it or you don’t. So my guess is that Tyler and I have the same amount of it.

Do you ever wake up in the afternoon and say to yourself: “I’ll put a bullet in my head if I have to watch another effete hipster flail around to Interpol”?


TYLER: If the hipsters still liked Interpol…. oh what a different world it would be. If bands still contained electric guitars, bass players and drummers… I know you CAN make music with your best friend on your mac and release an album. That doesn’t mean that you should. And – for the record – I’m getting pretty fucking irritated with all of these groups that sound like DeBarge working their way into the counter-culture. (In a parallel universe, I’m still giving that same answer but it’s an insanely funny joke rather than a sad, sad, sad truth.)

Over the years I’ve noticed a Lipgloss regular, present at almost every one I’ve gone to: he is an older cat who wears all black and dances robotically with his arms.

MICHAEL: That would be our dear friend Bugsy. He has some kind of muscular disease – I don’t remember which one. That’s why he dances like that. ‘Cause he can’t control his limbs well enough to dance any other way. Nice question, dick. Oh, and he’s also really, really, really high all the time. All. The. Time.

TYLER: He moved to Pueblo this year and it kind of sucks because he was a staple all the way back to the 60 south days. Going out to clubs is how he gets his exercise. Being at Lipgloss – good for the body, good for the soul.

Is there a DJ formula for success? Isn’t it something like, play 2 things they’ve heard, 1 thing they haven’t heard, and then an Interpol song?

TYLER: I used to say in an earlier incarnation of LIPGLOSS that the method was “comfort, comfort, exposure”. Now I’m not so sure… seems that the method is comfort or big beat. Throwing on some obscure soul tracks doesn’t seem to clear the floor too much though. Some nights it feels like a crap shoot. (gambling – not poop)

MICHAEL: The DJ formula for success is to be way better at doing it than all those little dirty hipsters that “DJ” at all those shitty little warehouse parties that the Donnybrook posse go to. And to play Interpol every fourth song, I guess.

A timelapse of Lipgloss from open to close

This one time at Lipgloss, the line for the ladies’ room was so long that this self-appointed gatekeeper guy was letting ladies into the men’s room if they flashed them. Is this a typical admittance policy?

MICHAEL: It is to get into my bedroom. But if you piss or poop in there I’ll call the cops.

TYLER: FUCK! I knew I picked the wrong job. It used to be Titsburg, Nipplevania in the DJ booth for a couple of years. It was weird. A girl would ask for something stupid, I’d say I don’t have it and they’d say “I’ll show you my tits if you play Usher.” and I’d reply with “I’d love to see your tits and feel free to show them to me, but that’s still not going to make Usher magically appear in my dj case.

One time this emo kid started a public fight with Michael Trundle in the comments section of our web site (back when it was Elitist Hipster Snob). He was all butt-hurt because Trundle didn’t say hi to him at this party or something, and he was pretending it was a rant against hipsters in general, and everyone made fun of him, and then we got hundreds of comments and thousands of views in like an hour, and people even made a song about this kid (using his comments for lyrics). Can you guys make that happen again?

MICHAEL: I can certainly get people all up in arms and self-righteous because I don’t give a shit about what they say, if that’s what you’re asking.

TYLER: I feel safe in saying that if you give either of us the forum to polarize people, we’ll make it happen. We did it by simply having a club night which I’ve always been puzzled by. How can throwing a weekly party be so divisive? How did we get successful? We worked hard at it where others were dragging their feet. We got organized and were trying to step forward when others were whining and complaining that we were somehow unfairly finding an audience. We saw the gap and went for it.

And lastly, if we come to YOUR 8th birthday party on June 26th, what will YOU do for US?

TYLER: For you? Well, we won’t charge you cover of course and we’ll have Andy from Thieves Like Us dj for you. And we’ll only charge you $2 for Gin and $3 for Vodka. Fuck it, we’ll do that for everyone. (Insert clever, witty thing here. It’s too early in the morning and the coffee hasn’t kicked in. You the reader should just chuckle and if anyone asks why just say “Oh, just something Tyler Danger Jacobson said about Donnybrook.”)

MICHAEL: Not play Interpol.

Who can refuse not-Interpol? Come celebrate Lipgloss turning eight this Friday, June 26th, at La Rhumba in the Golden Triangle.

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