Dameon from Bad Luck City

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Well, fuck. I have really dropped the ball on this one. Not only has this week’s Most Fuckable Rockstar been around Denver for a good long time and I’ve never acknowledged his fuckability, but his band played an epic show last Saturday night at the Hi-Dive and I wasn’t even there!! Not only has this rockstar been a fan of Donnybrook since it’s inception (and therefore is clearly a man of impeccable taste and remarkable humor), he’s also a writer and humorist in his own regard. Not only is this rockstar super sexy, he’s also super nice and once bought me a drink because he thought my columns are witty!! I am a moron…..

This week’s Denver’s Most Fuckable Rockstar is…. Dameon from Bad Luck City!!!!!

Band: Lead sing-speaker, Bad Luck City

Is He That Guy What Wears a Suit When He Performs?: Yes, he’s that guy what wears a suit when he performs.

Why he’s this week’s Most Fuckable Rockstar:
Suit-wearer, writer and poet, drinker of beer and whiskey, watcher of awesomely horrible reality tv shows, music maker. This is a man of all trades who does all trades well.
Oh my god and the MUSIC!! I’m getting so twitterpated with Dameon himself that I almost forgot to talk about THE MUSIC. Bad Luck City plays gothic Americana rock- think somber marching drums, weeping fiddle, and low ominous sing/talking that slowly proceeds to rock your face off.

Where to find him: Bad Luck City will play THE UMS!! OMG THE UMS!!!!!!!

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