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I once ate monkey brains while in India, what a delicacy.

If you aren’t willing to eat monkey brains like Short Round, perhaps you’ll also be interested in defending your own brain from consumption. Will Dead Island be “just another zombie game”? We hope not.

Dead Island, a game long in development (originally announced in 2007 for a 2008 release), recently unveiled one of the best game trailers I have ever seen. Ever. This trailer invokes emotions not dared explored by most developers trying to market their work. As the trailer’s story unfolds, you see the fear, anger and sadness that would likely be the most common feelings that you would experience during an actual zombie infestation/rising. According to the game’s developers, Techland and Deep Silver, this game will be an attempt at a more realistic take on the zombie game genre (don’t read that sentence too many times). You won’t stumble upon weapons cashes or mounted machine guns, you’ll have to rely on found objects like pipes, broom sticks, and baseball bats to make your way through the hordes of zombies that infest the small tourist island in the South Pacific that is the games setting. Obviously using the juxtaposition of an incredibly horrible situation (being a zombie infestation) while simultaneously being in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, Techland may be on to something here. If the trailer is any indication of how good the game will be, we may have a gem in the making.

Slated for a 2011 release for XBOX360, PC and PS3.

Seamless co-op play available between 1-4 players.

I hope the game is as gritty and twisted as the developers claim it to be.

Enough talk! Let your eyes feast upon this trailer (via IGN) as a zombie would brains.

If you have seen a better trailer, please post it in the comments.

-LeF, The Concierge

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