Denver’s Quintessential Best of 2008 List

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Music is kind of awesome and all, but sometimes the Best Albums of 2008 lists can get to be monotonous in their lack of variety. You liked Bon Iver? Wow. That’s a surprise. (Except for Father Guido’s list, of course, which is amazing and you can read/hear it here)

Julio from Cause=Time, however, extended the Best of 2008 list to include “whatever,” and he also asked all his blogger/writer/DJ/musician friends for input. The end result is a highly entertaining list of top five t-shirts, Facebook statuses, slang expressions, hot couples, idiotic mistakes, best hair, and etc – comprised by people from Radio 1190, Fuel/Friends, Denver Post, Everything Absent or Distorted, Meese, A Shoreline Dream, and of course Donnybrook.

Check it out here!

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One Comment on "Denver’s Quintessential Best of 2008 List"

  1. John Moore December 17, 2008 at 8:15 pm · Reply

    I am totally taking sort-of credit for “degrassius,” and i am going to revel in it, because while i can’t string two words together that might ever be cool enough for donnybrook, apparently i have mustered one-ish. awesome. and ps, now that emma is getting older, she looks even more like annie cohen. that’s hot.

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