Donnybrook Does Monolith 08: Day Two

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Ivyy: Even in the midst of an awesome hipster music festival, Sunday is still Sunday.  Which means, for Yours Truly at least, coffee newspaper football no pants breakfast.  I mean, really, who wears pants on Sunday mornings?  If I’m ever forced to wear pants on Sunday mornings, then the terrorists have won, my dear friends.  Anyhoo, we get a wee bit of a late start to the festivities, but still manage a sweet tailgate and a timely arrival to see…

Angora: There were two ways I approached this festival, to get a feeling of which works better: sober, and drunk. On Day One, I drank in moderation, which ended up feeling like a continuous hang over all day. On Day Two, I decided to test the drunk method. And you know what? Sunday was much better!

In case you missed Saturday, here are our main players:

monolith-angora.jpg Angora Holly Polo: High Empress of Donnybrook Manor, Purveyor of Intrigue.
Festival Superpower- Drank the absolute last drop from our stash.
monolith-father-guido.jpg Father Guido Sarducci III: Olympic Parasailor and Supermodel.
Festival Superpower- Us: “Oh man, we’re out of beer and cigarettes.” Father Guido: “Hey guys, someone just walked up to me and handed me a beer and sold me a pack of smokes for 2 bucks.”
monolith-jb.jpg JB: World-renowned Photographer and chooser of the walk-up music for every player in Major League Baseball.
Festival Superpower- Owing to freakish tallness and a huge telephoto lens, was able to take pics from far away that actual look up the nostrils of some of the rockstars.
monolith-ivyy.jpg Ivyy Goldberg, Esq: Sex Advice Columnist, Virgin.
Festival Superpower- Dance machine. Crazy hair. Excellent peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

4:15- The Avett Brothers on the main stage.

Ivyy: Oh lordy those Southern boys can rock.  And they have a banjo!!  And one of them kind of looks like Brandon Flowers from The Killers!  Ricardo Baca has been singing the Avett Brothers’ praises all year, and I finally see what he’s talking about.  Lesson learned: Ricardo Baca is usually right about music.  Duh.


ladies and gentlemen, Brandon Flowers on the drums!!

Angora: I get to take pictures at the front with the cool kids and it’s the greatest, even when Julio from Cause=Time makes fun of my sneakers.

Guido and I decide the Avett brothers have capture early Beatles nostalgia – had the Beatles grown up in North Carolina. Maybe even a little Arlo Guthrie. But better. Wonderful. I instantly love them.

5:30- Tilly and The Wall.

Ivyy: The guitarist for Tilly and the Wall has the single worst haircut spotted so far at this festival.  That is all.

Angora: Tilly and the Wall was on the new 90210. That’s cool and all, but it would have been cooler if they were on Degrassi. I like the tap dancer. Some people might call it kitschy but I don’t see anything wrong with having fun things going on when you’re on a stage. It’s what stages are made for.

6:00-Trying to get into the artist tent.

Angora: A wave comes over us and we realize we haven’t tried to do anything cool with our press bracelets. Don’t we get free booze or something? We walk into what we think is the press tent and someone stops us firmly: “This is the artist tent.”

There’s a three year old girl sitting inside there playing with dirt. Is she cooler than us?

Matt Fecher is standing inside. “Don’t let them in!” he yells. A minute later he comes out to us and says in a sympathetic voice, “I can’t believe that guy didn’t let you in! Anyways I’m gonna go hang out with the Kills.”

Then we decide it would be hilarious if JB wandered into the artist tent and went up to the Kills and said, “Brandon? Brandon? Where are you? Hey, can you guys play ‘While You Were Young’? How about something Bruce Springsteeney?”

Which reminds me, we saw the Kills and they were hot and wonderful. I just forget what time it was.

7:15- Band of Horses on the mainstage.

Ivyy: Perfect and I do mean perfect lighting, and as the show starts up (I swear this is true) a full fucking moon rises over the stage.  Good job, Mother Nature- I hope Monolith paid you handsomely for that excellent timing.


7:41- Band of Horses plays The Funeral.  Oh. My. God. The Funeral.

FESTIVAL DO:  If you want to get in to a show where there’s a line to get in, be a girl and make your ‘cute face’.  The bouncer will say something along the lines of “oh, go on in, ladies”, and you’re in!!  Angora and I use this trick to waltz past the benevolent doorman to see Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip.  Joke’s on us, though, because we go running in just in time to hear “Thanks everyone, we’re Dan le Sac and you’ve been a great audience good night!”  Touché, Senor Doorman, very funny, making us think our unerring girliness got us in the door.

10:30- Justice on the mainstage.

Angora: I have the photo pass and I’m waiting up front with the photographers for Justice to start. The air is electric. This is how I remember it, which is probably wrong: Out of the silence comes a giant echoing clanging of metal, like some stage lights being cranked on, and two little shiny leather frenchie hipsters enter out of a hole in the earth, their curly mussed hair blowing in the wind. They float above the crowd with their arms raised like Jesus and a choir of frenchie angels coos  “euuuuuuuuu” in the background. The crowd goes wild. As they begin to float behind their throne of DJ equipment, staring up at the midnight sky, a beat composed of the grit and stardust of the Big Bang vibrates from the speakers, as if they had started it with their minds, and the entire stadium erupts with ecstatic exchange of cheers, dancing, and bodily fluids. And I take pictures of it. I was kind of drunk.

Ivyy: Justice is to electronic music as Mickey Avalon is to hip hop.  (Not that this is necessarily a bad thing- see my blog from yesterday to get my opinions on that.)  The djing is a bit questionable, but we’re having a great time.  You know the areas on the side where the trees are planted, right between the bleachers and the stairs?  Yeah, we’re having a little mini Donnybrook VIP dance party in one of those areas.  It’s super exclusive, though, so you probably couldn’t get in.


10:47- I thought the famous Justice cross would be bigger, like a huge lighted cross thing behind them, shining it’s brilliance down upon us or something- isn’t that how it’s supposed to go?  As it is, it’s just a little lighted cross thingy in front of the Justice turn-tables.  Although if they strobe that fucker out I’ll probably find Jesus or something.


le wee tiny Justice cross

11:00- Snag!!  Justice is inexplicably cut off mid-song; it looks like they blew a fuse or something.  What, the Red Rocks electronic grid can’t handle the ridiculous wattage of this cute French electro-pop duo?  Poor showing, Red Rocks.  Just really really sad.

11:15- Ok do you ever have nightmares that you’re at work, like, naked or something, and there’s like a whole huge audience just watching you not be able to do your job?  There is currently a Red Rocks roadie on the mainstage feverishly pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del and unplugging and re-plugging power sources while a crowd of 5000 people wait patiently, watching every move he makes.  He’s literally living my nightmare right now.

FESTIVAL DO: When you’re playing Red Rocks, make sure to bring your power cord next time, you silly!

11:20- They put “Eye of the Tiger” on the speakers- Go Roadie!!!  This is for you, buddy!!!

11:24- We decide “Eye of the Tiger” was more to motivate the crowd to get out of the arena. “Wait…I was pissed that Justice got cut off earlier, but now my arms and limbs feel motivated independent of me, like I want to just run up the stairs! Let’s do this, yay!”

Fine.  We’re leaving.  Best of luck living my nightmare, Mr. Roadie.

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4 Comments on "Donnybrook Does Monolith 08: Day Two"

  1. Ivyy September 18, 2008 at 11:23 am · Reply

    Angora- That’s EXACTLY how Justice came onstage. Exactly.

  2. Bang Tango'ed September 18, 2008 at 6:25 pm · Reply

    Were they smoking? Silly smug french hipsters. I bet they even speak french.

  3. JB September 19, 2008 at 8:35 am · Reply

    Nice work ladies. That’s exactly as I remember it all going down…

    Here’s my running diary (the long version):

    + The Hood Internet: YAY!
    + The Fratellis: WOO!
    + Mickey Avalon: Douche– Hey, nice strippers.
    + The Avett Brothers: Banjos turn me on.
    + Band Of Horses: AwwwYEEEAH!
    + The Giraffes: I hope that was beer.
    + Justice: Le powaire! She eez out!

  4. Team Donnybrook
    godonnybrook September 19, 2008 at 8:42 am · Reply

    HE’S RIGHT! The Giraffes were a very vital component to our festival experience. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy watching the Giraffes, but I also MET two Giraffes, and they were awesome! Yay, Giraffes!

    Nice photos JB!

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