Donnybrook won the Westword Web Awards for this video – now the deleted scenes!

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A few months back, Rich LeFevre and I had an idea that Donnybrook should have a wine tasting column, only the host should talk about the bouquet only after drinking an entire bottle.

The end result saw our host, the typically excitable but still mild-mannered Mr. LeFevre, morphing into some sort of short-shorts-wearing Daniel Plainview drunken superbeast, whispering menacing threats at off-screen unknowns through his mustacchio and even unnerving Magic Cyclops. Mr. LeFevre was left with a wicked two-day hangover and hazy memories of the night, and we were left with tons of video that included scenes we weren’t sure our sponsors* would want anything to do with (see Rich LeFevre slurring the entire time, Rich LeFevre vomiting fountains of red wine all over his white outfit and white couch, Magic Cyclops chugging a bottle of mouthwash, and Magic Cyclops fellating a wine bottle). It was a hilarious train wreck. a train wreck that we had signed up for, for some stupid reason. So we didn’t make too much of a fuss over this little gem of a video, though we loved it dearly, and then it won the Westword Web Award for Best Food or Drink Video!

In honor of the awards, and to thank Westword, we are airing these hilarious outtakes, which include all the goodness mentioned above. We received two trophies for this award, which were silly hats, and we gave one to our filmmaker Fritz Godard. We gave the other to the honorable and noble Rich LeFevre, a man who got to a level of drunkenness that only few are brave enough to behold. He in turn gave the trophy hat to his saintly girlfriend, who cleaned up his puke that entire evening.

* Our sponsors mentioned in the video had nothing to do with this video. They are nice people who put trust into our idea and gave us free wine, and we rewarded that trust by creating a hot mess of wrongness. We are horrible, horrible people. Have you figured that out yet?

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2 Comments on "Donnybrook won the Westword Web Awards for this video – now the deleted scenes!"

  1. Professor Honeydew November 21, 2010 at 11:44 am · Reply

    “Electric guitar!… Correction–air guitar!”

  2. Team Donnybrook
    godonnybrook November 21, 2010 at 12:12 pm · Reply

    “I’m not your father! You’re a fucking genius!”

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