Double Show Review: ReMINDers, Kinetix and Flobots at Aggie Theatre/Photo Atlas at Surfside 7

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The night (12/10/09) was certainly a celebration of Colorado bands.

Arguably the most well-known hip-hop group from Colorado, Flobots (no, there is no “The” in front of “Flobots.” Really. Look it up) graced the stage at the Aggie and brought along two of their own favorite local groups. The first is the male/female rap duo of Big Samir (originally from Brussels, Belgium) and Aja Black (originally from Hollis, Queens), also known as The ReMINDers. During their approximately 45-minute-long opening set they occasionally switched from English to French. The other Flobots guests were Denver-based five-piece rock/funk band Kinetix, whose approach is similar to that of Flobots, with the members playing their instruments live onstage, and whose singer bore more than a passing (vocal) resemblance to a young Lenny Kravitz. Kinetix gave the almost sold-out crowd nearly an hour of in-your-face entertainment before relinquishing the stage to the main attraction. With their unusual mix of live instruments, including violin (!) [editor's note: It's actually a viola], and rapping about both goofy AND extremely serious subjects Flobots easily won over the already highly-anticipatory crowd almost instantly. Highlights included solos from violinist Mackenzie Roberts and freestyling by co-MCs Johnny 5 and Brer Rabbit. Do I even need to mention that the audience went crazy when they played 2008′s smash hit single “Handlebars”? Probably not. The crowd was filing out satisfied, slightly before 1:00 am.


After Flobots got out I headed down to the Surfside just in time to catch the Photo Atlas set. The place was fairly packed with the usual hipsters. I talked to guitarist Bill Threlkeld about the band and he said that they had had some problems with their label and management and are trying to get back on track now, working on new material. The set was a nice mix of old and new material and their dance-pop made even the most jaded hipsters bounce a bit that night.


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