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Eliot Lipp | Peace Love Weed 3D | The Donnybrook Writing Academy

Eliot Lipp | Peace Love Weed 3D | The Donnybrook Writing AcademyMost Likely To: be cranked up to get back at your downstairs neighbor for playing her stories too damn loud.

After recording for a string of indies, Eliot Lipp has formed his own label (Old Tacoma, yet another nod to his hometown) and released Peace Love Weed 3D. And if you like your electronica thick, filtered and layered, you might want to give some service to Lipp.

It opens up with “Yeah.” With its repetitive opening and lo-fi, monotone samples, I’ll admit I thought the CD was skipping–which is odd because I was listening to an MP3. In honor of the title, every track cutely clocks in at 4:20. Listening to some songs, I found myself wishing him to be a Christian, since then at least some of the tracks would end at 3:16. In some cases, less would definitely be more. A song like “Beam Rider,” for instance, doesn’t need the near 50 second intro. “Calling Me” would be better served tightened up, rather than just overdoing loops to hit the 4:20 mark. At least you can make up your own lyrics to pass the time.

Less would be more in terms of production as well. Almost every cut has lots of elements going on; take “Laser Cave” for example. It’s heavily layered with keys, high hats, Asian melodies, flat percussion beats and what sounds like Cylons singing. “So Stoked” has high keyboard notes balanced by what I think is a busted Atari. And that’s just the opening. Later on we get guitar and samples with quick drop outs.

Contrast that with “Sand Castle.” It stands out from the album not only because of its slightly less-busy production but also because it is the track with the most melody. Lipp does a great job expanding the hook and getting it to stick in your head. But then he throws in a curve ball like “Proceed,” which could easily be in the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop.

There’s enough on here to keep Lipp’s fans happy and fans of the genre will probably dig this as well. But the reach isn’t much beyond that. And, hey, where were the 3D glasses?

Listen to “Beam Rider” from Eliot Lipp:


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