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The study of gruesome car wrecks may not have a place in high society, but Nick Arvin lends panache to it. The Colorado-based author of In the Electric Eden and Articles of War will be entertaining Tattered Cover patrons with excerpts from his new novel, The Reconstructionist. The LoDo event starts at 7:30 pm on Thursday, March 22. Literary aficionado Lady Daphne Papier speaks to him about zombie pigs, asphalt, and Colorado beer.

1.) Tweet a description of your novel.

Car crashes + science + a love quadrangle diagonally bisected + a zombie pig = The Reconstructionist.

2.) What Colorado location inspired some aspect of your novel?

I worked on car crash sites in Denver and Fort Collins that made their way into the book, mildly altered. But also the roads I see everyday in Colorado are in the book. Everyday we use our roads and streets and highways to get from place to place, but rarely do we look closely at them, at the asphalt and painted lines and shoulders and signs and so on. The roadway seemed to me to be a great unobserved landscape, and I wanted to do my small part toward fixing that.

3.) Would you date any of the characters in your novel?

Heather, the principal female character in the novel, is a person who projects much more strength than she feels, and the kind of woman I would have been too intimidated to approach, which is my failing, not hers.

4.) Where do you go to write?

I do a lot of my writing in coffee shops around Denver. I like the background noise, and I like the fact that I can’t distract myself with dish-washing or laundry in a coffee shop. If you see me, say hi!

5.) You’re a writer—why don’t you live on one of the coasts?

Colorado has better mountains, tastier beer, and the vibe here suits me. Besides, doesn’t America need at least a handful of writers who aren’t writing about New York?

You can find The Reconstructionist at most book peddlers, including Denver’s Tattered Cover.

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