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That’s right, my li’l lovable suckheads; the Holiday Formerly Known as Nothing [grazie, Hallmark, Inc.!] is fast approaching. As the holiest of Crowleys be say: Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law – - I offer no opinion, no marching orders, no suggestions, no g’dang sympathy for thems who choose to participate.


Just prior to The Day That Shall Not Be Named, my friend and yours, local celebuDJ Rockstar Aaron will be throwing his classic and unparalleled Birthday Bash – Hollywood Style! [officially both 'off the charts' and 'off the chain', somehow] right here in town.


You know the man from such clever endeavors as the slinky crunchy get down bunchy Lollipop! Dance Party at Bender’s [with Pinky 500] – and his dance-opolis of 80′s-anchored meat-market mayhem Cassette at local cokehole and neighborhood loveshack, RockBar every Friday.

If ever an entity deserves a DB pat on the birthday back [besides, (ahem) well...] it’s this guy. Flamboyant, music-brill, bedazzling, popular, and VAIN, boy. I mean, the mohican put video of hisself getting Botox up for all to see on his Myspace. Genius of lovely.

{a shout-out from James St. James}

So join Uncle Sid and all those worth seeing this Friday, the THIRTEENTH {ooooooh!!} at RockBar for Rockstar Aaron’s monducious Birthday Bash,Hollywood Style! Hosted by the fetching ingenue, Darlen – from The Bad Girls Club.

Get hip, get drunk, get dipped, get dunked wid us an’ all.

See you there, amigos.


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