Glass Homes vs. Prince

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Like This and Like That is the new column from Snobcast extraordinaire, Father Guido Sarducci IV. The procedure: Every morning (OK, maybe not every morning) Guido will snatch the first crisp, clean & new mp3 he stumbles upon, listen to it at least once, and then find an old song (ten years or more) for some good old-fashioned compare and contrast. The purpose: To draw a line between the modern and the out-of-date. The premise: To expose the kids to their past while also showing the unfashionable adults that there’s great new music being made every day. Thus, if you like This than you might like That.

“Waiting” by Glass Homes vs “When Doves Cry” by Prince


I spent a long time trying to get this song to play in this post, to no avail. So why don’t you just download it and have it for yourself. Better yet, go see Glass Homes live at Meadowlark this Saturday, Nov. 27th. Glass Homes were recently giving away burned CDs with a few songs at the amazing DIY festival, Gathering of the Clouds (Thanks Overcasters!). Unfortunately, I missed Glass Homes set (sorry Nick) but I picked up the songs anyway and I’ve been digging this little aggro-synth ditty. I’ll be out-of-town and again missing them when they play Meadowlark, but that’s no excuse for you to miss this show. It’s FREE.

Not quite, you say? Well, maybe Nick Salmon (from Glass Homes) isn’t the next purple one but I just couldn’t help but keep thinking of “When Doves Cry” while listening to the synthiness of Glass Homes output. Prince has a lot more funk but in this song, under that soulfull croon, you’ll find a lot of angst riding those keys. In “Waiting”, Glass Homes exposes a similar disappointment in growing-up as Prince does. When Nick  sings, “Learning to inherit their fantasies” or “I was promised the whole world/The Oceans to the sky,” I think of Prince singing “How can you just leave me standing/Alone in world that’s so cold…Maybe I’m just like my mother/She’s never satisfied”

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  1. Dustin Edge November 26, 2010 at 3:29 pm · Reply

    Yes indeed – I shall be attending the Glass Homes show on Saturday.

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