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Hannah Georgas | Chit Chat EP | The Donnybrook Writing Academy

Hannah Georgas | Chit Chat EP | The Donnybrook Writing AcademyMost Likely To: be the background music as you add to your own Wiki.

Aside from killing lugers, Vancouver isn’t a half bad town. Singer/songwriter Hannah Georgas hails from there, and if that’s not a smooth opening to a review, I don’t know what is. Hannah’s already made some waves in her brief career. She wrote the music for, of all things, a Walmart commercial that proved so popular, she later turned it into a full song. Good luck trying to find her stuff there. She has also announced her intentions to marry Jack Black. If that can save us from Year Two, then sign me up.

The three songs that comprise the Chit Chat EP are generally sunny ditties. The title track details being stuck eating dinner with someone who just doesn’t shut up. (Maybe you dated her?) “Chit Chat” becomes catchy after the first listen, its uptempo pace and sing-song chorus wind their way into your ears. Phone conversations with her sister are the impetus behind “Deep End,” where Georgas’ delivery is in the higher ranges, alongside a folksy guitar plucking away the notes. The song is paced by a steady bass line as she sings, “take a deep breath and don’t let them break you down.” She shines here vocally, especially during the vocal breakdown at the midpoint of the song. The dramatic “Thick Skin” closes the EP with strings floating genteelly amid a displaced whistle while percussion emphasizes the ominous tone. Think of it as a more mature sounding Eisley song.

Chit Chat does the job by setting up her forthcoming full length (with all three songs scheduled to be on the LP). The almost nine minutes goes by rather quick and invites further spins. The production is sharp and fosters a full band sound. The songwriting is hooky, without an abundance of sugar or anything too eclectic to turn people off. The full length, This is Good, drops April 27th, and actually might live up to the title.

Watch the (possibly NSFW) video for “Thick Skin” below:

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