Holiday Shores @ Hi-Dive

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Our friend JB over at Empty Reviews just posted a review of the Holiday Shores show at Hi-Dive on Monday. Makes me sad I missed it but having never heard of this band before is even more upsetting. Now I must look for their album Columbus’d The Whim.

Here’s an excerpt of the Empty Review:

“Holiday Shores is a group of young Floridians. Their set was sandwiched between Candy Claws and Evangelicals, but I was only there to listen to Holiday Shores’ set and get a few PBRs from the friendly bartenders at Hi-Dive. They virtually rebuilt their garage setup on stage, cramming guitars amongst amps, and setting up a makeshift table with a sawhorse and a piece of plywood to hold their keyboards and various effects machines. If you’re a fan of their recorded stuff, you should definitely check them out when they come to your town.”

For the full post check out Empty Reviews!

Empty Reviews was kind enough to share some pictures with us. Ooh! Pretty…




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