Home Design Ideas From My Insane Dreams, the GREEN edition!

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Father Guido and Angora Holly Polo, recently engaged, are starting their new lives together by creating a non-profit musician’s hostel called Donnybrook Manor: a sanctuary for road-weary musicians and a palace for starving artists. Here they will share with you their research, dreams, and doodles of what they hope Donnybrook Manor will be.

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7.) Rooftop CSA/vertical farming

Scientific studies show that having a grass roof makes you feel 330% more like a hobbit.

Can you imagine having a picnic on your roof? Sunbathing on your roof? Playing croquet on your roof while drinking old-timey cocktails? OK, it can’t be as steep as the picture here. Let’s have a flat roof and do all of the above.

Vertical farming is also an idea I’m very interested in: using the vertical space on the sides of buildings to grow things! It has to be things that naturally grow that way. But why not use all the space we can? This idea is especially helpful in urban areas.

And why don’t we have a CSA? Doesn’t everyone want a CSA in their backyard? Well, we’re gonna have a CSA on our roof. Suck on that.

8.) The Green Room

Instead of having a waiting room at Donnybrook Manor, we’ll definitely have a green room that’s filled with fruit platters, bottled water, LSD sugar cubes, booze, and bizarre refreshments like M & Ms with all the green ones taken out. This is how you make musicians feel at home!

Musicians can even submit their riders to us before they come stay, which we will happily accommodate for a slight 250% fee increase. To take it a step further, the Green Room will ALSO be a greenhouse! with fuzzy moss growing on the wall! that will double as a furry wall a la Get Him to the Greek! Did I just blow your mind there?!

There is more where this came from! Stock up on jazz cigarettes, keep an eye out as Angora jots down her silly dreams, and click HERE to read more about her latest project, Donnybrook Manor.

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