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Home Video | It Will Be OK EP | The Donnybrook Writing Academy

Home Video | It Will Be OK EP | The Donnybrook Writing AcademyMost Likely To: make The Hills seem drama-free.

As a writer and a self-professed snob, there’s one thing that will ruin an otherwise listenable album for me: bad lyrics. Home Video’s EP It Will Be OK is riddled with the exactly the brand of quasi-confessional attempts at emotional reassurance that it’s title promises.

All the production in the world won’t change the fact you’ve written a dance song about addiction recovery, in which you promise, “I can make you feel it.” That might work, if the “it” referred to a uterine orgasm. But here it seems to refer more to the wholeness and sense of accomplishment that newly soberized people feel before they remember the reason people take drugs: life as a sentient being on Earth sucks more often than it rocks. In that case, it seems that Home Video is offering to delude us into that fake lust for life that religiously motivated addiction recovery groups tout as the answer to all life’s problems. Seriously, you have to see this.

She says she drinks too much to make the nights go by / She was barely conscious, breathing through a straw / She held my hand and kissed my lips / She begged me to help her feel, and I said / I can make you feel it … She had another lover that kept her in a cage / She had sold her future and buried who she was.

Who can take sort of schlock seriously? Did I accidentally download a Betty Ford audio pamphlet? It’s like when I used to have to tell my students in Intro to Creative Writing that though their tales of coming out of the closet or attending their best friend’s funerals certainly sounded rough, it didn’t make the events good fodder for short stories. This isn’t Lifetime. Triumphs over adversity don’t cut it.

Beyond that, the drum machines and synths on the incorrectly titled It Will Be OK recall nothing but the sort of trashy, Euro-club techno that I’ve only actually heard in movies. While it seems that the group is shooting for the accomplished, sweeping dramatics of M83, accompanied by vocals with the sincerity of Thom Yorke, they end up with sheer melodrama more suited to the credits of an episode of The OC. The song titles say it all: “Every Love That Ever Was;” “I Can Make You Feel It;” “Maybe What You Need;” “You Will Know What To Do.” What do you think, guys? Is three out of four titles containing a non-specific “you” really enough?

This is a very bad EP which I can only assume precedes a very bad LP. My iTunes just moved on to Hooverphonic, who was doing 10 years ago what Home Video would like to be doing now. I’m not eager to switch it back.

Listen to “I Can Make You Feel It” from Home Video:


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4 Comments on "Home Video | It Will Be OK EP"

  1. Juliette February 7, 2009 at 9:10 pm · Reply

    You have to be kidding. This really is a cheap shot. You didn’t ask him to submit one of the short stories he wrote in college or one of the essays he turned in for English class at NYU. You took pop lyrics and critiqued them as literature.
    Is that the way you make yourself feel intelligent ? You call yourself a snob as if there were something special about
    you. Deriding and castigating his heartfelt thoughts about a person he loved in real life is pathetic. This was not a short story submitted to your writing class for analysis. The best teachers don’t use the podium to swell their own egos and
    give themselves cheaply won, “better thans” to elevate their phony self-esteem. You can add your name to the list of
    Hollow Men because you have a heart of darkness.

  2. Prof. E.H. February 8, 2009 at 10:06 am · Reply

    That may be my favorite comment ever.

    Shame on Mr. Munchausen, critiquing the lyrics on a record! It’s not like the lyrics are part of the album, or anything, or like someone sent you this EP for the express purpose of critically reviewing it. For shame!

    I’ve also noticed on other reviews of yours that you analyze the actual notes the bands play and the overall manner in which the songs were recorded. Pish posh!

    You should be embarrassed, sharing your honest thoughts about music like this–and in a public forum, no less! Is there no place where poor songwriting is still held sacred? It’s clear that President Obama and his Demoristocrats have sullied yet another frontier!

    A pox on you, Munchausen. Thank you, Juliette!

  3. Bob June 2, 2009 at 11:02 pm · Reply

    Munchausen. More like MunchesAsses! You defintely got your head up one. You’re not a snob. You’re a douche bag.

  4. Angora Holly Polo June 3, 2009 at 8:37 am · Reply

    Oh my, this is awkward. Security, can we get a check on the gates? I think a gate was left open or something because some street commoners have seemed to wander off the set of Idiocracy and onto this blog post.

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