How To Take Awesome Boudoir Photos (barely SFW)

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A recent Playboy study – serious, weighty stuff here – found that 27 percent of males and 23 percent of females admit to having taken nude photos. Being the sexperts we are (we’ve sampled nearly every type of human in existence), we thought we should educate the masses on how to take those nude photos so you’ll actually share them with the world. Who knows, maybe our instructional will break the newest porn model or Kim Kardashian-type! We’d be so proud!

We’ve brought in a team of experts, including From the Hip Photo‘s boudoir photographers, and Donnybrook’s own Sex and Love editor, Ivyy Goldberg, Esq.

Do not take a photo of yourself in the mirror.

It makes you look really lonely, it’s hard to position without the flash or camera covering your face, and nothing is sexy about seeing your dirty laundry in the background. Also, it makes you look really lonely. Find someone you feel comfortable around to take them, and if you don’t have that or are trying to surprise someone, hire people like From the Hip! - Angora Holly Polo

Figure Out What You Like.

The best thing you can do before undertake your shoot is pinpoint what sort of photos you like. That will make the process a little less intimidating and give you some concrete ideas to play around with. Some of our favorite sources of inspiration are,, and - From the Hip

Own your style!

If you are a hippie chick, think outdoor nature shots. If you’re urban, think about finding some cool gritty space to go nuts in. Think about how you look best in fully clothed photos- those’ll probably transfer to naked shots. - Ivyy Goldberg, Esq.

– Photo by The Fix Fix Fix

Avoid cliches.

Have you ever looked up boudoir photographers? You’re likely to see a lot of portfolios with 35-year-old tan ladies who have highlights and black lacy bras straddling animal print bedspreads with a rose in their teeth. A lot of people gravitate towards tried-and-true sexy materials (like leather and feathers), and it ends up looking like that horrendous recycled love scene from the Room, or Night at the Roxbury, or the lobby of the Jet Hotel in Denver.

Think about other things that are sexy. Socks can be sexy, for example! And remember, sexiness in unexpected places is even sexier. Like a drive-by flashing! - Angora Holly Polo


Lighting is one of the most critical elements in a photograph (remember from your Humanities 101 course that “photography” = “writing with light”?) but it also one of the easiest to overlook. Since you aren’t likely to have a closet full of professional lighting gear, try to use as much natural light as possible. Augment natural light with warm artificial lights–soft lamps are great but candles can produce unwanted shadows. Ditto for on-camera flash. And for the love of all things holy, don’t go anywhere near a fluorescent light source, which will make your skin look blotchy. - From the Hip

– Photo from Ridiculously Beautiful

Create A Narrative.

If you’re going through the work of taking nude photos, you’re going to want more than one; and if you’re going to take more than one, you may as well introduce a bit of a story to the series. This doesn’t mean you have to create a fully-formed narrative arc, just some continuity and development from image to image. Whether that is as simple as losing some articles of clothing every few shots, working through some different locations, or progressing through different outfits, it will make your photos more fun and interesting than just clicking off some shots in the buff. - From the Hip


Nude photos remind us of sex, obvs. And so do babies (not in a squicky way, just in a ‘if you have a baby, then you, scientifically speaking, definitely boned down with somebody.’) But nude photos remind us of sex in that sexy way. And babies do not. So although I can understand the confusion (‘but they both make people think about sex, so i’ll do a nude photo with the baby in the background and VOILA double sex-thought!’), it actually doesn’t really work that way. Sorry. - Ivyy Goldberg, Esq.

A Little Clothing Goes A Long Way.

Completely nude bodies are beautiful in a sculptural sense and there is something classically gorgeous about the naked form. However, if you’re looking for images that tantalize or express the glamorous or sexual side of being naked it’s hard to beat the simple effect of introducing a little bit of clothing. Consider it a prop to make posing easier and work in something that reflects your style. Something as simple as a scarf, belt, or even a necklace can make a little nudity a lot more scintillating. - From the Hip

Photo from Stop Snitching

Enjoy Yourself.

We don’t like to think about ourselves this way, but the truth is you will probably never look better than you do right now. Celebrate your youth by being comfortable with your own body and consider this process a way of documenting how beautiful you are. Have a little wine (but not too much), put on some music you love, and enjoy the freedom that can only come from being unclothed. - From the Hip


You’ll be happy to have these nekkid photos in 20 years when your body most decidedly does NOT look like that anymore. Just do it. - Ivyy Goldberg, Esq.

Well, there you go, sex machines. Have fun taking nudie photos, and feel free to mail them to Donnybrook Manor – for us to critically analyze, naturally!

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