Ivyy Interviews a Superfan about the Mason Jennings show at the Boulder Theater

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Ok, so Friday night I went to see Mason Jennings at the Boulder Theater.  I know an album or two by the man, and have no complaints with his friendly, happy, hippie-dippie style of singer-songwriterism.  JB, however, is what one might call a Super Fan.  He has all of Mason’s albums, even the bootlegs, and has followed him to at least 4 states to see him a grand total of 10 times.  Here’s what JB had to say about Friday’s show….


Ivyy:  “Hi JB!”
JB: “Hi, Ivyy!  You’re looking very lovely today!”
Ivyy:  “Thanks!  So tell me, what did you think of last night’s Mason Jennings show?”
JB: “Oh my god it was awesome Mason is awesome I freaking love that guy he is so cool it was the best show ever!!”
Ivyy:  “Did you like the set list?”
JB: “Oh my god the set list was awesome it was perfect it couldn’t have been better I love Mason so much he writes the best music ever.  Ever!”
Ivyy:  “Uh.  Ok.  What about the solo acoustic stuff he did versus the stuff he performed with a band?  Which did you prefer?”
JB:  “Mason fucking rocks, man, I mean he’s like the best singer-songwriter ever, I mean did you hear that new song he sang last night?  The song about all the different ways to die?  That was so awesome.  Mason is fucking amazing, man.”
Ivyy:  “Dude, have you been eating my ecstasy-laced caffeine pills again?  How did he look?”
JB:  “Mason always looks amazing, he was all shaggy and had this perfect 3-day stubble.  I totally heart that guy.  Awesome.”


There you have it, Readers.  Awesome.  Apparently.

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