Joe from Bad Weather California

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Dearest Ones, I think I’m getting old. Whereas I used to find the shiny sparkly boys playing the dance music to be completely and totally fuckable, I lately find myself drawn to the sad bastards who play the quiet quiet pretty music.

“But Ivyy!” you say. “You could never get old! You are a young and beautiful soul who doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘old’ and who also, by the way, looks very nice in that shirt today. Did you change your hairstyle? Have you lost weight?” Well, screw you guys. I have changed my hairstyle. But I still like my sad bastard music and boys.

This week’s Most Fuckable Rockstar is….


Joe from Bad Weather California!!!!!

Name: Joe

Band: Bad Weather California (and a slew of other bands and/or solo projects)

Status: In A Relationship? I think?

Why He’s This Week’s Most Fuckable Rockstar: As previously mentioned: Sad Bastard.

Probable Lovemaking Style: His music is singer/songwriter with a definite country influence, so he’s probably a total gentleman.


Possible Drawbacks: Anyone who spends time with Joe will probably have to deal with the inevitable crying spells that feed the true genius of Sad Bastard music. During these times just hold him close and tell him everything will be ok.

Where You Can Find Him: Bad Weather California is opening for These United States Saturday, August 16th at the Hi Dive, located at 60 S. Broadway (like you hipsters didn’t already know that).

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  1. Team Donnybrook
    godonnybrook August 14, 2008 at 10:04 am · Reply

    Plus didn’t he wear a prep school boy outfit to our sexy pahty?

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