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So, loves, far be it from me to be superficial. I, Ivyy Goldberg, Esq, see below the surface and find rockstars fuckable for their inside personality, for sure. However, sometimes a rockstar comes along that is just so yummy that I’m trapped by the looks, the lovely lovely looks.

And it’s helpful when a hot rockstar happens to also be in a really cool band, ya know?

This week’s Denver’s Most Fuckable Rockstar is… Jon from Air Dubai!!


Name: Jon

Band: MC, Air Dubai

Celebrity Doppelganger, according to his Facebook page: Tyson Beckford (I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!)

Why he’s this week’s most Fuckable Rockstar: This young stud officially makes me feel like a cougar. He’s so good looking that I find it scary that he was born in 1990. 1990!!! I was, like, 45 years old in 1990! I was already purchasing my second European chalet in 1990!

Probable Lovemaking Style:
Air Dubai’s music is kinda all over the place- they have a club banger, a sexy R&B track, and plain old rap. They started out as a straight up hip hop group and then somehow transitioned into a 7-piece instrumental/hip-hop/R&B/club mashup group. Even Jon himself has two names- Jon and Rhias. So I imagine the lovemaking would be passionate but indecisive.

Where to find him: Air Dubai will play the Bluebird Theater on February 5th with The Alan Baird Project. Check it.


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