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We’re getting crazy with the electro-rock in here, folks.

This week’s Denver’s Most Fuckable Rockstar is…

Justin aka Cacheflowe!!!!!

Does he wear cool black-rimmed glasses?: Yup.

Why he’s this week’s Most Fuckable Rockstar: Not that we’re jumping on the Best of Westword bandwagon (ok we’re jumping on the Best of Westword bangwagon), but Cacheflowe was chosen as this years Best Audio Visual Performer. Also, he’s a computer geek, and we all know computer geeks are totally fuckable.

Probable Lovemaking Style:
The dude’s an audio-visual master, so be sure to look around for the camcorder before you start anything. And when he says “No, babe, don’t worry, the green light means it’s off!”, DO NOT BELIEVE HIM.

Possible Drawbacks: AV Nerds have their own version of dirty talk- so if you’re gonna sleep with an AV Nerd, you might wanna brush up on your nerdspeak- you will probably hear something along the lines of “Oh baby, I wanna put my D5 deep in your 1080i HP3700A Panasonic slot. I wanna make you scream so that I can then use the Autotune Plug-In on my ProTools to make you sound like T-Pain. Yeah, baby.” Oh my, I’m getting a little hot just writing this!

Connection to this intricate web of Denver’s Most Fuckable Rockstars: Cacheflowe will soon play a show with Boyhollow aka Michael Trundle, who Djs with Tyler, who was a DMFR. Oh this game is fun, it’s like 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon but with much cooler people than Kevin Bacon!

Where to find him: Cacheflowe will play Hi-Dive on June 20th with Michael Trundle (the aforementioned Michael Trundle, who also has a Most Fuckable Girlfriend) and Solvent. www.cacheflowe.com

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3 Comments on "Justin of Cacheflowe"

  1. Father Guido Sarducci IV
    Father Guido Sarducci IV June 15, 2010 at 1:58 pm · Reply

    Sounds like Trundle likes to surround himself with Fuckable musicians. Making-up for something?

  2. Professor Honeydew June 16, 2010 at 5:52 pm · Reply

    Solvent is also very fuckable. Or at least his music is, I don’t know what he actually looks like. It could be a vortex of fuckability when they share a stage.

  3. boyhollow June 21, 2010 at 12:56 pm · Reply

    Watch yourself, Guido. I surround myself only with sycophants and yes-persons. I can’t help it that the Most Fuckables are drawn to my glorious light like Donnybrookers to an indie buzz-band.

    And yes, Solvent is very fuckable. And between him, Cacheflowe & c.db.sn the crowd’s sexual tension was more than a little palpable.

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