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After a Ridiculously Successful Pairing with Gotye, the NZ Singer Shines in her Debut Album


Still reeling from the international success from her collaboration with fellow New Zealander Gotye (2011’s Somebody That I Used to Know), singer Kimbra successfully released her debut album Vows in Australia and New Zealand. Now it’s finally come to the US and I can definitely say that it was worth the wait.

Blasting with catchy melodies and a soulful voice, Kimbra has released one of the better pop albums of 2012. Songs like Settle Down, Cameo Lover, and Good Intent breathe new life into the pop genre with their unique sounds and funky bubblegum music. Her powerhouse voice and deep lyrics will have Vows stuck in your head for weeks.

In addition to the usual pop rhythms and tunes you’d expect from the album, there are plenty of songs where Kimbra’s able to show off her voice and try something different and unique (such as Limbo with its multi-layered vocals – it’s one of the highlights of the album).

With the U.S. release Kimbra added five new songs to the album and they’re all amazing: from the funk-jazz infused Come Into My Head and Posse (which will have you turning up the volume and dancing along), to the soulful unleashing of Sally I Can See You and Home, and last but not least, the powerhouse techno, Warrior. All in all, I can truly say that most, if not all, of the songs on the album are great. It will be one of those records that I’ll come back to throughout the year and I can say that it has certainly put Kimbra on my “Artists to Watch” list.


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    That video is so perfect!

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