Lucas from Action Packed Thrill Ride

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So. We at the Donnybrook Writing Academy know we are great. We KNOW this. But still, it’s nice to be told this on a regular basis, especially in the form of witty comments and constant readership. And when witty comments and constant readership come from a handsome young rockstar here in Denver, why, it’s only logical for us to eventually find that person eminently fuckable.

This week’s Denver’s Most Fuckable Rockstar is….

Lucas from Action Packed Thrill Ride!!!!


Ok so Lucas is a part of Hot Congress, right? (My Donnybrook servants couldn’t figure out exactly what that is, but that’s because they are too busy smoking opium and engaging in legally questionable erotic acts. Check out to find out for yourselves.)

Anyhoo, what were we talking about? Right, Lucas, and his band. Action Packed Thrill Ride plays like, kinda folky-rocky like uh electronic uh… well just go to their freakin’ myspace and LISTEN. You all aren’t paying me to describe their music, dammit.

Name: Lucas

Band: guitar and vocals, Action Packed Thrill Ride

Probability That He Will Read This Column Before We Tell Him About It: 48%

Why He’s This Week’s Most Fuckable Rockstar: BESIDES the fact that he’s a fan of Donnybrook and therefore has impeccable taste, he’s in a band that has managed to capture the interest and loyalty of many bigwigs in the Denver music scene. APTR gets critical raves all the time, yet somehow manages to not get a big head. And THAT, my friends, is the definition of fuckable.

Probable Lovemaking Style: Quietly confident, but without an ego. Hot, right?

Possible Drawbacks: None that I can see from a cursory look at Lucas and the band- do any of Lucas’ enemies or ex-girlfriends or scorned lovers wanna weigh in here?

Where You Can Find Him: You can catch him at the Oriental Theater this Saturday, Dec. 12th at the Hot Congress CD release! The comp includes music from the Hot Congress collective: Achille Lauro, Kissing Party, Li’l Slugger, Vitamins, Action Packed Thrill Ride, Jim Jims, Pseudo Dates, Breakfastes, Action Friend, and Fissure Mystic and 1 poet (Ken Arkind.) Achille Lauro, Vitamins, Fissure Mystic, and Action Packed Thrill Ride will be performing.


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8 Comments on "Lucas from Action Packed Thrill Ride"

  1. hydell December 9, 2009 at 6:41 pm · Reply

    have a conversation with him and you will find that his kind and witty personality definitely adds to his fuck-ability…nice choice ivyy.

  2. Action Packed Thrill Lucas December 9, 2009 at 8:10 pm · Reply

    Thanks, miss hydell. I always have a grand time hanging with you as well. All two times!

    Not only did I read this before I was told about it, I knew about it before I even read it, as I was at the grocery store and ladies (and dudes!) were eye-humping the bejesus out of me and I knew it could be the result of nothing other than this article. The fabled ‘Donnybrook effect’ is true, and it is wonderful.

  3. Team Donnybrook
    godonnybrook December 9, 2009 at 8:13 pm · Reply

    We are eye-humping you right now!

  4. Benjamin St. Maur December 10, 2009 at 1:10 am · Reply

    I need to hog a little of Lucas to myself and let the peons know that he’s also the star guitarist in the musical journey and expedition and experience that is my band, Old Radio. He’s a hard-working man. What with Hot Congress and several bands AND all the fucking.

    Also, I’m a little horrified that the great and mighty Donnybrook (from which I’ve, admittedly, become estranged) is not yet learned in the splendor that is Hot Congress. And you call yourselves tastemakers? For shame!

    …I’ll, uh, I’ll still see everyone at the Christmas party at Donnybrook Manor, though, yes?

  5. Guido Sarducci IV December 10, 2009 at 10:38 am · Reply

    Don’t worry Benny, those of us who focus our time on taste making (making taste? tasting make?) of music have known of the Hot Congress Collective since before it was even a collective and more of just a cooperative (a joint even). Don’t mind our dear Ms. Goldberg, she focus’ her time on the taste making of fuckability. Being that fuckability is much more important than any other attribute that an artist could have, we must tip our hat to Ivvy and disregard the fact that she is just learning about the hotness that is Hot Congress. I’m sure that in time ALL members of Hot Congress will be declared fuckable.

  6. Benjamin St. Maur December 10, 2009 at 12:55 pm · Reply

    You’ve made an excellent point, old friend. I’m sorry I doubted you. You should know that when I left that comment I was off my tits on a mixture of mescaline and highly (highly!) alcoholic egg nog, and I meant no disrespect. I should have considered that of course all Ivvy can think about is fucking and fuckability–she’s been that way since we met in our private, highly exclusive primary school and God bless her she hasn’t changed one bit since those carefree childhood days.

    I mean, except for the tits.

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