The Unknown Side of Marvel Phase 2: Guardians of the Galaxy

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The Most All-Encompassing Group of Heroes to Enter the Marvel Movie Universe

Guardians of the Galaxy MarvelLast week I dove into the world of Ant-Man, one of the subjects of the upcoming and hotly anticipated Marvel Phase 2 of films. This week I’m going to examine one of the smaller but more powerful in the Marvel universe, whose film will hit theaters in 2014:

Guardians of the Galaxy

In order to stop Ant-Man’s creation Ultron, a group of unlikely vagabonds form a group tough enough to take on the galaxy. Judging from the concept art released earlier this year, I’m sure that some of those people who did not know who the Guardians were previously were probably stating something along the lines of “What the fuck is a Guardian of the Galaxy?”, “Why is there a raccoon with guns?”, “Wha-the fu-is that a giant tree in a shirt!?!” and to those people I’ll simply say that it is actually one of the greatest comic series I’ve read in a long time.

Donnybrook Comics

It should be known that the version of the Guardians that has become popular now is not the first version of the team. The first team started out in the 60’s, but the current one started out in the early 2000’s. The group was a result of the character (who also happens to have a badass name) Star-Lord’s (a half human/half alien called Peter Quill who is offered the title by an alien entity called Master of the Sun) decision to create a team to act as an intergalactic police force. They work to prevent an intergalactic war as a consequence of the War of the Phalanx, a race that grew to power after their leaders merged with Ultron (Pym’s creation, which we covered in the last Part of Marvel’s Phase 2 Breakdown) and tried to take over the galaxy.

To accomplish this he forms an alliance with sorcerer Adam Warlock, and recruits some of the prisoners from space prison: Rocket Racoon, Groot (the tree thing), Mantis, Bug,  and Drax the Destroyer, and they are later joined by Quasar (the new captain Mar-Vel), Gomorra (and her legendary god-slayer dagger), and Moondragon (all characters in the Marvel Space Universe) to form a sort of rag-tag group of heroes (not the heroes you want, but the heroes that you need!).

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

The whole series is littered with humor and drama that make it a blast to read, but the truly great thing about this comic is its scope. Literally the entire universe (and a couple of others) are explored, making the entire Marvel Earth seem literally miniscule in comparison with the kind of stuff the Guardians have to face on a daily basis.

From alien invasions to galaxy destroying entities, intergalactic war, even giant, world-eating monsters, the Guardians have to face it all and it becomes a wonderful Sci-fi epic drama/adventure comic that kept me wanting more. Their greatest threat however came from the harbinger of death himself, Thanos, who is next in my series! Stay tuned…

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