Mexican Things To Buy For Your Servants

In honor of the heritage of everyone’s favorite Denver-based fashion designer (and impending winner of Project Runway All Stars!) Mondo Guerra, and in light of my recent foray into the Mexican territories, I have decided to dedicate this month’s installment to things you can buy in Mexico. Although you can also probably buy them other places, potentially with less haggling involved.

1. Custom name bracelet

You write down your name on a piece of paper and choose your colors, five minutes later you have a custom hand-crafted bracelet that bears said name! I wrote down “Mademoiselle Petulance Forecastle,” so I’m not sure who this “Cornelia” person is, but whatever, it’s still a cool bracelet. Sunburn also courtesy of Mexico (cost: free!).

Cost before haggling: 200 pesos for two bracelets

Cost after haggling: 180 pesos for two bracelets + five pesos for a tip

2. Black coral bracelet

When I asked what they were, the woman working took a lighter, held it directly up to a piece of black coral until it was heated all the way through, then bent it into a shape that fit my wrist. This took all of five minutes and the only tool involved was a Bic lighter. Pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. She had to use a fairly large piece of coral, since I have a big wrist, but that’s literally all it took to make this incredibly unique, organic piece of jewelry that I will likely have forever, as it seems fairly indestructible so far (bonus!).

Cost before haggling: 20 dollars

Cost after haggling: 200 pesos (there is a significant difference, look it up!)

3. Geometric beaded bib collar necklace

The guy selling these told me that they are made by hand and each one takes the artisan three days to complete. While I have no idea if this is true or not, it impressed the heck out of me! So much so that I just had to own one of these huge, fabulous accessories. I plan to wear it with a plain black dress, jeans and a T-shirt, or any other simple outfit that I want to add an instant pop of interest and/or geometry to. I love pieces that make your outfit look like you put a lot of thought into it, even when you just threw something on. This necklace is the perfect example (note to self: wear hair up for maximum impact).

Cost before haggling: 300 pesos

Cost after haggling: approximately 200 pesos (after bundling together with several other amazing items that I was basically required to purchase, by virtue of their amazingness).

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  1. loulou March 13, 2012 at 1:51 pm · Reply

    Hola Senorita! Cosas muy bonitas! Gracias!

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