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As you know, loves, we at Donnybrook are used to cool people. We spend our precious time with only the coolest of people. But still, every once in a while someone will come along who’s just so cool that even we Donnybrookites take pause, stop and say to ourselves, “Oh my. That person’s coolitude is through the roof! I must know his secret!” I MUST KNOW YOUR SECRET, oh purveyor of cool and this week’s Denver’s Most Fuckable Rockstar……

Name: Mr. Midas

Status: In a Relationship (according to the NEVER WRONG facebook which is NEVER WRONG)

Why he’s this week’s Most Fuckable Rockstar: Oh LADIES OF DENVER (and gentlemen, I suppose, but this one’s really for THE LADIES). We are lucky to have stolen this tall drink of water from Long Beach City (where Snoop Dogg is from!!!) and convinced him to hang his coolness in our lovely mountain city.

And what coolness, my Dear Ones. Loves his music, loves his family, loves his cities (hometown AND adopted), and he refers to himself as an Urban Nerd. AWWWW!!!!!!

Has Donnybrook Gotten Their Hands On a Bonus Video of Mr. Midas’ Newest Single to Share With The World?: Yes. Yes we have. Here ya go. (Thanks to High Planes Drifter Films for the awesomeness!)

Where to find him: Mr. Midas will have a release party for his new album “Son Of The Crack Era” on January 21st at Sutra, and play the Rockstar Lounge on January 22nd.

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2 Comments on "Mr. Midas"

  1. Stephanie Morse January 24, 2011 at 6:14 am · Reply

    Hello to you Ms.Goldberg….Yes, I am in complete agreement with your analogy about Mr.Midas ! With your “Tall Glass of Water” description, I also must add to it the ability of creative lyrics, his business mind, and the fact that he is a fairly “Shy Guy”. I respect your thoughts on this artist from Long Beach Mr. Midas who has steadyily climbed the ladder to make a name for himself and his music.. I’ve known that fact for many years now..! A superhero for the generations growing up now, as you already know, Mr. Midas grew up in the Crack era, “SonoftheCrackEra” title to his album attaching a strong and powerful message to this album. “Midas” knows I prefer to call him “Gentle Giant”, because he touches the hearts of many not just with his physical attraction, but his whimsical sense of humor, tactfullness, his sharing of a personal story to benefit the youth growing up today, and his sheer drive…That’s also what makes “Mr. Midas” Denver’s Most Fuckable Rockstar…! Keep it Pushin MIDAS

    Prowlin Panther

  2. Ivyy January 24, 2011 at 2:30 pm · Reply

    Well stated, Prowlin’ Panther!!! Midas definitely rocks, inside and out!

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