Mr. Sunshine and Mad Love

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Mr. Sunshine

“A life lived for one’s self is empty.” That one line from the show could aptly describe the entirety of the episode and for that matter the show itself. Matthew Perry’s new show, which he wrote, stars and directs, is called Mr. Sunshine and is a quaint look into the mind of Mr. Perry. I’ve seen from some interviews that this is actually how he feels on a normal day and that some of the characters are based upon people from his own life.

Matthew’s character, Ben Donovan, is the operations manager of Sunshine Stadium. He is a loner and doesn’t really have anyone that he loves or loves him in his life. But, goes through a mid-life crisis when he turns 40 and wants to change his life around. The pilot episode involves him trying to manage the owner of the stadium whom seems to be a little…strange? Or drunk? Or High? I’m not really sure but she definitely is something special. His “best friend” is an overly happy person who is based off of his real life best friend. And his love interest is a girl who wants to have no interest in him anymore. She was formally his hook up buddy with no attachment but after his change of heart he wants more. But, she now wants to date his best friend.

Overall, the show seems like it could go in an excellent and hilarious direction. I hope that these chances aren’t squandered. I would say this show is worth the thirty minutes.

Mad Love

When I first saw the previews for this show my heart tingled with excitement. It seems like that epic void that needed to be filled and I won’t lie, I’m a fan of Romantic Comedies ala How I Met Your Mother. The premise is that of a traditional love story; Ben and his best friend, Larry, are walking amongst people on top of the Empire State Building and are talking about how Ben needs to finally break up with his evil girlfriend. Ben is a hopeless romantic whose heart is open. Kate is a smart yet clumsy girl who happens to pick up Ben’s cell phone which he had left on accident atop the tower. This is the start of their love story…and the story of their two best friends. The two, Larry and Connie, seem to hate each other at first but it is hinted throughout the show that they too will fall for one another.

The story is told, comically, from the perspective of Larry. I’m really excited to see where they take this show because it could honestly be just as good as How I Met Your Mother, which I won’t ever say again.

So, with an all star cast of Sarah Chalke (Scrubs and HIMYM), Jason Biggs (American Pie franchise) there is no way this show won’t take off in a big way. My opinion?  Jump on this show now!

Until next time boys and girls! Stay tuned!

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