Music-Related Things To Buy For Your Servants

1. Iggy Pop “Raw Power” mouse pad

I have had this mouse pad forever. For so long, in fact, that I can no longer really remember exactly how or where I got it. However, I’m pretty sure I ordered it from some random website back in the very, very early days of online shopping. Which sort of seemed like magic to me at the time, but is now so incredibly commonplace that I am sure if I do a Google Shopping search for it right now I will get approximately 27,354 results…OK, just searched and apparently I was wrong, I actually got ZERO results. Maybe I am the only person in the whole world who ever wanted this mousepad? Wow, that makes me feel funny. I am able to find mouse pads with other pictures of Iggy Pop on them, but none featuring the cover of “Raw Power.” Spooky!

To buy: I honestly have no idea, your guess is as good as mine!

Cost: Not sure! Reasonable.

2. Split Lip Rayfield carpenter pencils & pot holders

I love this band not only because they make amazing punk-speed-metal-bluegrass-alt-country music, but because they have some of the most creative merchandise I’ve ever seen. So much so that I could not choose just one item from their vast catalog, but had to pick two to share here: a couple of carpenter pencils and a set of pot holders, SO practical! I know it doesn’t take much effort to print a logo on some random item, but these are pretty cool. Who doesn’t want to think about Split Lip Rayfield whilst doing carpentry/baking petit fours?

To buy: Um, OK, sorry! These items are not currently available via the band’s online merch store. So…the next time you see them in concert, just go up to one of the members between sets and ask about purchasing these items. I am sure they will be highly receptive and may even be carrying said items around in their pockets specifically for such occasions. If not, at least you will seem cool. Probably.

Cost: I remember the pencils being $1 each, maybe the potholders cost $5? For both?

3. The Photo Atlas pint glass

In my very important opinion, this is an awesome idea: a creative collaboration between cool bands and a cool business. The Photo Atlas has been one of my favorite Denver-based bands practically forever. Illegal Pete’s has been supporting great bands even longer than practically forever. I was so excited to own one of these limited edition pint glasses that I just ran in and bought it, but I hear that you can get one actually filled with beer for the same price (only ten dollars!), if you have some time to sit and sip. Plus, all proceeds to go towards recording the band’s next album, what could be better? Also, this vessel is the first in a series, so more awesome band pint glasses are on the way! Who’s next? Wait for it…LUCERO.

To buy: Select Illegal Pete’s locations in Denver and Boulder through March, while supplies last.

Cost: Ten dollars. Fact!

P.S. I guess I buy a lot of weird stuff that no one else wants. If for some crazy reason you actually want to own any of these items, leave a comment below and I will do my best to track it down for you.

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